Privacy Policy

The “Imperial College Speakers Society”, “Speakers”, or “we” will not share your personal information without prior consent with the individual(s) to be affected.

1. Type and use of information

(i) Information you provide to the Society including, but not limited to, email addresses, and names. Upon entering a meeting we hold for the first time, you may be asked to sign a form to register your attendance. If you are not, or you request not to comply, you are permitted to attend that meeting, but you will not be eligible to sign up to various perks we provide. These perks include, but are not limited to, the regular mailing service we provide, and the Toastmasters curriculum.
(ii) Information you provide to the Student Union including, but not limited to, your College ID (if you are studying at Imperial College London), and bank card details. In case you wish to become a member of the Speakers Society, you must complete the form outlined on our Union access page. The form will ask you for your bank card details as is usually the case during online shopping. We do not have any access to the information stated in this clause.
(iii) Information we collect including, but not limited to, performances via videography and Toastmasters “Evaluations”, portraiture or any other stylistic imagery via photography.
(a) Videography which entails the operation of a handheld digital single reflex (DSLR) camera while a meeting, or other event in the interest of the Society, is in session. The camera is used in meetings inasmuch as it provides speakers with an opportunity of introspection or self-evaluation. We will deliver your recording before the following Thursday, however, your video may be edited for a better viewing experience. Your video will be delivered in the form of a private YouTube link. YouTube states that:
Private videos and playlists can only be seen by you and the users that you choose. Your private videos won’t appear to others who visit the ‘Videos’ tab of your channel page. They also won’t show up in YouTube’s search results.
We may also use any of such videos to create montages for PR. By revoking consent to this condition, we will not promote our Society using video in which you feature, and we will not aim the camera lens at you while it is running at any time. The camera is used during events inasmuch as it is used for PR and personal merit.
(b) Toastmasters Evaluations, or simply “Evaluations”, which are imperative to the procedure of the regular meetings held by the Speakers Society. We have an official affiliation with Toastmasters International, Inc, or simply Toastmasters. Therefore, the GDPR of Toastmasters influences this privacy policy. Section 2 details this combined GDPR policy. At every meeting, we are required to visually and auditorially record your performances in the form of “Speeches”. We may write down notes as we do this. Note that, if or once you become a member of Toastmasters and the Speakers Society, you will be able to carry out Evaluations of your own. In a later part of each meeting, you may be addressed (in the third person), where your performance(s) may be evaluated by a member to the rest of the present audience.
(c) Photography which entails the operation of a handheld digital single reflex (DSLR) camera while a meeting, or other event in the interest of the Society, is in session. The camera may be used to take photos during meetings at any time and at any place for purposes of PR unless the individual has expressly opted to not consent to the use of photography. We may also use the camera to photograph certain events in the interest of the Society for the purposes of PR and personal merit.


The General Data Protection Regulation was designed to replace the clauses traced by the Data Protection Directive. For as long as we are in the (European Union) EU, we are legally required to comply. The GDPR of the EU does not include the Toastmasters policy on GDPR. Nevertheless, the Toastmasters policy on GDPR is analogous to that of the EU We are expected to meet the standards of both policies, for the EU and for Toastmasters, to the extent that they exist.

EU regulations

(i) Privacy encroachments which we must inform you of within 72 hours of implementation. You are entitled to revoke any and all means of contact with the Society, lest you deemed we were about to jeopardise your privacy. Regardless of the incentive, we cannot and will not sell your data.
(iI) Access rights which regulate the use of analogue and digital data where it may concern an encroachment of privacy. Any party is eligible to rescind or permit the use of data for PR, personal merit without any additional cost imposed on that party.
(iIi) Data erasure which establishes that data is not allowed to be stored in any context that infringes on the express wishes and rights of a party. Necessarily, any and all data must be expunged from all databases if you wish for your data to be erased.
(iv) Data portability which states that you are permitted to use the data you have given us, or the data we collect from you according to your own volition. Regardless of the incentive, you are advised to abstain from selling your information for any reason.
(v) Privacy by design which requires that we do our utmost to protect your data using any appropriate measure to the extent this statement holds. We ask you for your email address and name because we use that for our communications. We cannot ask you for extraneous details such as your date of birth or bank details as they do not advantage the Society in any way. By giving your details to us and consenting to the terms established in the privacy agreement, you explicitly and implicitly trust that we will keep your data safe, and protect it from misuse or abuse.

Toastmasters regulations

(i) Risk assessments which are advised to be kept for the sake of GDPR. This should be done by an Officer of the Society. The risk assessment should briefly outline any risks that exist in exchanging data and should include how the data is stored, used and accessed.
(ii) Consent forms which are implemented the first time you visit a meeting we hold. These require your official signature to be considered. Your signature confirms that the details you provide are to be held within the Speakers Society until further notice. By signing, you automatically signal to the Society that you wish to join the guest mailing list and that you consent or do not consent to any manipulations of your data.
(iii) Obtaining consent which forbids the Speakers Society, or any external medium, from using your data on behalf of the Society. We will not try and coax you into exchanging your data and we will make it explicit and clear that we wish to store and use your information. We send you an email to review your consent.
(iv) Security which involves, but is not limited to, the use of the most updated and robust media, particularly software, to safeguard your data until further notice. We use MailChimp to store your email addresses and names so we can contact you. We may also use your name with prior consent for other forms of PR such as, but not limited to, articles on our WordPress website. Officers may convoke to discuss how your data may be used according to the GDPR policy of Toastmasters.