Our Meetings

During a meeting, each attendee will receive an agenda outlining the events scheduled for the night, which are divided into three sections. Oh, and there are 10 unique roles to choose from!

Table Topic Sessions

This is arguably the most exciting part of the evening, and it has barely just begun! This part of the meeting aims to develop one’s ability to speak impromptu. A Table Topics Master prepares a series of questions for the audience to talk about for roughly 2 minutes. Once the time is up, the Table Topic Evaluator will give a brief evaluation for each speaker.

(Speaking in front of a crowd might sound scary for complete beginners, but fret not! You should view this session as an invaluable opportunity to practice your impromptu speaking skills in front of a friendly audience like us.)

Prepared Speeches

Speakers take the stage are welcomed by massive rounds of applause to deliver their rehearsed speeches. The Speakers talk using the outline of projects in their Pathways program (which you can find out more about here).


The Prepared Speakers will receive tailored feedback from their Evaluators. We believe that knowing how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a speaker are integral to developing your speaking abilities.


In addition to the preceding roles, there are several others of which to be aware.

  • Toastmaster – hosts the meeting and is normally the busiest character of the night.
  • Timekeeper – helps keep the meeting running on time by displaying colour cards to the person on the stage to indicate how much of that precious asset they have remaining.
  • Linguist – comments on excellent usages of the English language.
  • Sergeant at Arms – warmly welcomes arrivals and provides stationery to anyone requiring it.
  • General Evaluator presents recommendations on all aspects of the meeting, most of which are directed to the role players of the meeting, so they can improve their management and leadership skills.


Enough with the lecture, I want to take up a role!

Great! To sign up for roles in our club, you must be a member of Toastmasters International (more info on membership here).¬†Or you can bribe us with sweets and chocolate…

After signing into your Toastmasters account, you can sign up for roles here, on the Easyspeak website. Feel free to contact us via email for any queries.