Speech & Evaluation Contest 2015

Imperial College Speakers is proud to announce its annual Club Speech & Evaluation Contest! It will be an exciting night, where public speaking is taken to a whole new level. The contest takes place on the 26 February 2015, 6.15pm in Room 120, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London.

Details about the competition
As the title suggests, the contest consists of two parts:

  • Speech Contest: Each participant prepares a five to seven-minute speech on a topic of their interest.
  • Evaluation Contest: Participants first listen to a mystery speaker. Participants are then given five minutes to prepare a two to three-minute evaluation for the mystery speaker.

Why should you take part?
Public speaking is a crucial skill in your career. It might be scary for those having their first time speaking in front of a crowd. Do not worry about that, as everyone here started that way. We grew to become confident and competent speakers through the support of the friendly environment at Imperial College Speakers.

This contest is a good opportunity for those who are competing to gauge their speaking abilities to see how they measure up against everyone else. You’d be surprised how good a speaker you already are, and our friendly team will offer you invaluable advice to help you improve.

Certificates from Toastmasters International will be awarded to the winners and participants.

Am I eligible?
To be eligible to participate in either contest, you must be a member in good standing of Imperial College Speakers. Membership can be purchased from the Union website.

Members are allowed and are highly encouraged to participate in both contests.

I’m interested! What do I do?
Simple. Just send an email to this address. Please mention: your full name and which of the contests you wish to take part in: Speech / Evaluation / Both. We’ll send out confirmation emails about one week before the competition.

The closing date for applications is Friday, 13 February 2015.

Is there any other ways I can help out?
Imperial College Speakers is also looking for some volunteers to help out with the running of the competition. We would highly encourage members to participate in the contests, but if you would like to help out in other roles, we are looking for people to volunteer for the following roles:
Voting Judges (x5): Judges contestants and to rank participants by marking ballots. The votes would be tabulated to decide the winners.
Ballot counters (x2): Counts the ballots marked by the voting judges to rank the winning participants.
Timer (x1): Keeps track of how long each participant is speaking for.
Sergeant at Arms (x1): Escorts evaluation contest participants out of the room and allow them to enter when their turn arrives. The ordering of the participants would be decided by drawing of lots.

More details would be sent out those who are interested.

Please note that a participant in either the Speech or Evaluation contests are not allowed to take up any of these roles.

Other questions?
Feel free to ask any questions not covered here by sending them to this email.