If you are interested in purchasing membership (you can do so via this website), here are a few points for you to take note.

Basic membership: £15

This is the basic fee that signs you up as a member of Imperial College Speakers. This membership is limited to members of Imperial College Union, which is open to all students, staff and alumni (which includes anyone who has been a student for at least one academic year) of Imperial College and its associated universities. All Imperial College students are automatically members of Imperial College Union. If you are unsure of whether you can be a member of Imperial College Union, please check the Imperial College Union website.

It allows you to participate in the Table Topic sessions (aka impromptu speaking) in our meetings, where you get to speak on a random topic curated to suit the theme of each meeting. You will receive constructive feedback on your speech about what you have done well and what you could improve on. You will also be allowed to give what is referred to as an Ice Breaker speech as many times as preferred, up till you decide to enroll on the Toastmasters Pathways program.

Toastmasters Membership (New Member): £58

If you are interested to participate in the prepared speeches guided by the Pathways program or to play any of the many roles on offer in our meetings (we will provide more details on how to do this), you need to sign up for a Toastmaster membership. Some of the roles include that of (Toastmaster, General Evaluator, Timekeeper, Sergeant at Arms, etc.

This membership is to be purchased following the basic membership of £15. This will allow you access to the Pathways Program which is a guided manual to help you prepare and present speeches.

Note: This is a one off payment which includes the Toastmasters Processing Fee as well as Toastmasters Subscription for one year. After a year is complete you will be required to Renew your membership. Details for renewals can be found below.

Toastmasters Membership (Reinstated): £45

Those who were already registered with Toastmasters earlier on, whether or not it was with Imperial College Speakers, need only pay the fee which we will use to renew your existing membership. For those who were members of other Toastmasters club, please drop us an email, as it is possible to transfer your membership from your previous club to ours if you are interested.


We highly encourage prospective members to visit us in one of our meetings as a guest to see if Toastmasters is right for you prior to making any purchase. Click for details.