About Imperial College Speakers


Speakers are not born, they are created.

Most people tremble at the thought of public speaking, even the more experienced amongst us. It involves standing on stage with many pairs of eyes staring at you. That is definitely not something everyone would sign up for, whether the audience consists of close to a hundred people or fewer than ten.

However, someday in our lives, each of us would need to stand up in front of a crowd and address the audience. You might be the CEO of a newfound engineering company, delivering a conference to your employees. You might also be an investment consultant, persuading prospective clients to invest in your products. Or, for most of us, you might be delivering your viva to your examiners at the end of your undergraduate or postmasters degree…

Indeed, public speaking is part and parcel of our life.

So, why not embrace public speaking earlier on and slowly develop it into an invaluable asset you can use to ignite your career and foster your leadership abilities?

At Imperial College Speakers, we believe that even speeches consisting of the dullest content can be delivered in an entertaining, refreshing and engaging way to the audience. We hold fortnightly meetings which follow the framework provided by the world-recognised Toastmasters International organisation, a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our group consists of undergraduates and postgraduates currently studying in different disciplines at Imperial College London, United Kingdom. We are an enthusiastic bunch who welcome anyone interested in joining us in deciphering the secrets to conquering the stage and wowing your audience, regardless of your previous speaking experience and command of English.

Why not give it a go? Or check out our other pages for information about Toastmasters and our upcoming events.