Club meeting 17th Jan 2019

Join us this week for our 2nd meeting of 2019! This week, Chuka will lead a Table Topics session on a theme highly relevant to our club – “Sound”. Whether it is in the form of speech or music, sound is a huge component of our sensory world. We will also have a speech from William on how skills can be more important than passion, Chuka will explore the mind of the monkey, and Paula will share her tips for acing interviews. You won’t want to miss it!

Please note that this week’s meeting takes place at Huxley Building room 130 and NOT SAF 121! We recommend you enter the Huxley Building via the Queen’s Gate’s entrance, where one of our club members will be there to guide you to the meeting room.

best wishes, Katia Hougaard


Painting by the Russian artist Kandinsky. Many of his paintings were inspired by jazz music!