First Meeting of the Year!!! 8 Oct 2015

It was a truly exciting first meeting for Imperial College Speakers. We had an unprecedented turnout of over 40 people, which left the committee scrambling to get extra chairs for the audience.

It was worth the hassle, however, as the audience were treated to a taste of our club’s spirit. The night began with some interesting table topics, during which several members of the audience were invited to participate. Some freshers looked nervous, but all of them pulled through with wonderful performances.

Our club’s VPE, Rakesh Patalay followed on with his CC#5 speech titled White Lies, explaining to audience why it is okay to occasionally tamper with the truth although honesty is frequently cited to be the best policy. Take a look at how Rakesh managed to comfortably control his body movements to get his points across!

Experienced member and current VPPR, Weston Baxter then gave his CC#6 speech titled Giants with Small Roots. Employing a myriad of voices and facial expressions, he charmed and gave helpful life advice to the Freshers: look for people you can trust and rely on. He also sang a song about banana slugs, which (according to Weston) are exactly what you think they are.

Once the meeting ended, the committee stayed to chat with some members of the audience, answering questions about membership and the club in general. It was an exciting night, with brave first attempts by members of the audience. The committee look forward to seeing everyone again!


Committee for 2015/2016

By the way, if anyone wanted it, here’s a webpage about banana slugs.