Speech & Evaluation Contest, 26 February 2015

Imperial College Speakers holds its annual Speech & Evaluation Contest as a platform for fellow members to gauge their public speaking skills and network with visitors from other clubs. Unlike our regular meetings, there is a little more pressure as participants will be speaking to a slightly unfamiliar audience, making it a very real-world experience. This year’s competition was hosted by our Secretary/Webmaster Fu Xiang Quah and featured judges from several nearby Toastmasters clubs in the area. Fu Xiang started and ended the night in sleek and professional style, making it a memorable experience for the audience and the participants alike.


A high turnout

Participants and their fellow supporters arrived well in advance of the competition’s start. Amongst the audience were judges who were involved in marking ballots to decide who the winners would be! The night kicked off with the Speech Contest, where participants were required to give a 5-7 minute speech on a topic of their choice.

That was followed by the Evaluation Contest, where participants first listened to a guest speaker before they were required to deliver a 2-3 minute evaluation. In Toastmasters, evaluations are as important as speeches, as a good speaker should know to identify good points on how a person speaks. It was a privilege to invite Nkem Anagor, or Kemy, the VPE from Grosvenor Square Speakers for the guest speaker.


Marcel Admiraal in action during the Speech Contest


Matthieu Komorowski dazzles the audience


Kemy from Grosvenor Square Speakers giving her speech for the Evaluation Contest


Audiences pay close attention to a participant as he speaks

Overall, it was a lovely night with incredible performances from the participants and the cheerful audience. Congratulations to Weston Baxter and Marcel Admiraal for winning the Speech and Evaluation contests respectively. But in all honesty, everyone who participated were winners and had their efforts rewarded with a certificate from Toastmasters International. Who would be crowned champion next year? Come on and find out!


Weston Baxter, champion of the Speech Contest


Marcel Admiraal wins the Evaluation Contest

Imperial College Speakers would like to thank the volunteering judges and participants who made this event a resounding success.