Life after lockdown

Wonderful news! We are meeting at 18:15 BST on Thursday, July 23! We are meeting on Zoom! Click on this text to join the chat room. If that doesn’t work on your device, the Meeting ID is 631 522 4568 and the password is speakers.

We had a lot of fun this academic year, and we are excited to transition into the next one. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we need to assemble a committee of dedicated, lively, and trustworthy students. If you will be an Imperial student or staff next year and you wish to be in the committee next year, please apply by clicking the button below.

If you wish to apply, please briefly explain why you would like to serve Imperial College Speakers and which role you would like to be considered for. The following roles are still available:

  • Vice President of Membership
  • Sergeant At Arms
  • Secretary

Descriptions about the roles outlined above can be read by clicking the button below.

Table Topics

We listened to a variety of contemplative Table Topics hosted by Harshit Agrawal.

Chuka looked forward to the day that he can, once again, order things online!

Habib would like to visit the “British Museum” after the lockdown.

Even though his country has lifted lockdown rules “for over two months now”, Umar was delighted to see his friends and family.

Katia reminisced the days she would do latin dancing at her university. Thankfully, she said “I really enjoy gardening”.

Consistency is key. Miracle “decided to take up running” and believed that “this lockdown pushed me to run for more than a week”.

Nehad wanted to travel, and she looked forward to when she can “arrange, again, a holiday to the US.”

Afifa believed lockdown was a blessing in disguise because she could “learn about sustainability”.

Prepared Speakers

Ruslan Saleh practised her leadership skills by giving some Toastie English Topics.

Nehad Ali entertained us with anecdotal strategies on How To Live A Meaningful Life.


Sadia evaluated the Table Topics.

Chuka was “very fluid” but he should “avoid repetition of words or phrases”.

Habib was “very succint” but perhaps too much so!

Omar seemed “very comfortable” but may have been overly formal.

Sadia praised Katia’s hand gestures. She could try using humour.

Sadia acknowledged Miracle’s “use of figures” but was disappointed by her “lack of visual input”.

Nehad’s pacing was beautiful but she should work on her “eye contact”.

Afifa had a “vibrant” “tonal variety” but should augment her speech with hand gestures.

Chuka evaluated Ruslan’s speech.

She was highly “animated” during the majority of her speech.

She didn’t start off this way, though. It is arguably more important to start with a bang than to end with one for forming a rapport.

She used vocal variety and humour effectively to convey moods.

Miracle evaluated Nehad’s motivational speech.

Nehad “opened with an intriguing question”.

Her eye contact “was there, but she wasn’t there”.

The motivational quotes and “messages definitely played on our heartstrings”.

Kinga acted as our General Evaluator.

She felt there was a “wonderful atmosphere” at our club.

It seemed that promotion of our club was lacking, though.

Everyone was well-prepared.