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Wonderful news! We are meeting at 18:15 BST on Thursday, July 9! We are meeting on Zoom! Click on this text to join the chat room. If that doesn’t work on your device, the Meeting ID is 631 522 4568 and the password is speakers.

We had a lot of fun this academic year, and we are excited to transition into the next one. To make the transition as smooth as possible, we need to assemble a committee of dedicated, lively, and trustworthy students. If you will be an Imperial student or staff next year and you wish to be in the committee next year, please apply by clicking the button below.

If you wish to apply, please briefly explain why you would like to serve Imperial College Speakers and which role you would like to be considered for. The following roles are still available:

Vice President of Membership
Sergeant At Arms

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Role descriptions

Our last meeting’s Word Of The Day was:

Definition: Not harmful or offensive; innocent.

Example: The innocuous bird gently landed on the finger of the young boy.

Table Topics

We listened to a theatrical and stimulating variety of Table Topics hosted by Umar Farooq.

This is your Heart and you should never let it rule your Head. Sharell told us that there should be a balance of empathy and intellect to “communicate with someone” effectively.

Happiness can be found in the darkest of hours only if you can remember to switch on the light! Nikita recalled how the darkness surrounding her grandad’s death was replaced with light once her family recalled the moments of happiness.

Things you own end up owning you. Whenever they travelled “in the air” together, Gundala and his wife felt blessed. Gundala felt like he was owned by his wife during these times.

Every life comes with a death sentence. Lalit joked about the first time he was Ah Counter saying that there needed to be an Ah Counter report just for him! Eventually, he won a Table Topics Contest! He encouraged us to make the most of life while we can.

The night is darkest just before the dawn. Fettah (Best Table Topic) captivated us (before he even arrived on the virtual stage!) with his memory of the sunset at a beach in Miami.

Prepared Speakers

Kenny Macheka implored Imperial College Speakers to propagate Sunday meetings into the future instead of being Closed on Sunday.

In the 1500s, people would “literally hope” mail found their target well! In the 1970s, people started to communicate via phone for the first time. Now, as COVID-19 “took the world by storm”, Imperial College Speakers continues to help people with communication using Zoom.

What is the future of these online meetings? Especially our Sunday ones? “Overwhelmingly”, people want to keep on having meetings. However, Kenny admitted that it would be “a real shame” if we did not continue Sunday meetings. He proposed we have a monthly Sunday meeting well after lockdown rules are lifted.

Patrick Kalonde was Searching for Dr. Lawrence Hayes in his speech. We listened with bated breath…

Have you ever felt inspired after watching a movie? Patrick unpacks the interesting character of Dr. Lawrence Hayes that featured in San Andreas. He was inspired by the level of knowledge he had about the fault line that passes through the city of San Andreas.

Patrick was inspired and believed we should also be inspired. The Red Cross provided humanitarian aid to the UK; however, 5% of data is analysed due to a lack of analysts. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” so we should volunteer to help with analysing these data.

“All of us need to work together!” Alyce-Ann Crump (Best Speaker) invited us to use each of our senses to help those who are suffering in society.

“Imagine walking on the beach” and hearing something strange. You turn round, confused. You hear it again: “Help!” You freeze for a moment, and “frantically look around” again, but you see nothing. “Help, I’m drowning!” Now, you see the drowning man in the water and rush out to save them.

You rescue him and perform CPR on him, praying that he is still alive. At the last moment, he begins to cough! He’s alive! If you had the chance, would you save a life? Alyce-Ann pleas that we need to save society.


Chuka evaluated the Table Topics.

Sharell was easy to understand but could have avoided sounding repetitive.

Nikita’s story was touching and the ending was “innocuous” but it felt disjointed.

Gundala was fluid and relatable but he should not have apologised at the start as it could diminish his apparent confidence.

Lalit had a clear call to action but could have elaborated on his Toastmasters journey!

Fettah incorporated rich emotions into his verbal language. He may have spoken a bit too fast and could have collected his thoughts better.

Paula evaluated Kenny’s speech.

“He used a time machine at the start” along with “the power of three”. Incorporating literary devices can bolster attention and engagement.

He was somewhat lacking in evidence.

His speech was very relatable since “everyone” takes online meetings.

Rishi (Best Evaluator) evaluated Patrick’s speech.

Patrick engaged the audience.

His body language was weakened by his virtual background.

Basing his speech on a film sparked curiosity.

Chane evaluated Alyce-Ann’s speech.

The descriptions Alyce-Ann made implied that “we should really offer our hand” to those in need.

She should try and describe the different aspects of the scene so the audience may have a more complete picture in their mind.

Her speech was inspirational.

Jolly acted as our General Evaluator.

The evaluators were “immersed so seriously” in their constructive feedbacks.

Background noise was distracting at times. Perhaps, there could be a role for muting any members that are causing a distraction.