Monthly Archives: October 2015

Regular Meeting, 23 Oct 2015

The second meeting of the year follows from our successful meeting. We have a huge turnout as the previous meeting, showing that many students are keen on mastering public speaking. Following a brief¬†introduction of Toastmasters, members were treated to prepared speeches delivered by experienced members James Semple and Ioannis Michalakoudis. James gave a speech that […]

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First Meeting of the Year!!! 8 Oct 2015

It was a truly exciting first meeting for Imperial College Speakers. We had an unprecedented turnout of over 40 people, which left the committee scrambling to get extra chairs for the audience. It was worth the hassle, however, as the audience were treated to a taste of our club’s spirit. The night began with some […]

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WELCOME Freshers 2015/2016!!!

Glossophobia. The fear of public speaking. Over 75% of people claim to have it. If you think you’re afraid, you’re definitely not alone. Imperial College Speakers see public speaking to be a very important and transferable skill to have in everyone’s arsenal. It is not something one can acquire overnight but requires constant practice. That’s […]

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