Some Pics from 21 May 2015

This is a collection of pictures taken on the regular meeting on 21 May 2015, which took place in . Here is a link to the previous post which has more detail about who the speakers and participants were.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
The agendas and voting slips for the meeting
President Marcel gives his opening speech
A handshake to hand over the stage to the next speaker
Another handshake
Speaker Sicong Li gives his icebreaker speech

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Winners for the Best Table Topics, Evaluator and Speaker

Regular Meeting, 21 May 2015

Triple treat!

An exciting lineup of three speeches by our members who deserved to be qualified as experienced speakers by now. As usual, we had some extremely thought-provoking Table Topics which got audiences petrified, wondering if they would get called upon to answer them. We had two CC#1 Icebreaker speeches, from Ioannis Michalakoudis (evalauted by the eloquent Daniela Ortner, VPE from London 104 Debaters) and Sicong Li (evaluated by Marcel Admiraal). Last but not least, Mikael Koskela presented his CC#4 speech entitled Cartesian rendevous, evaluated by Fu Xiang Quah.

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