Regular Meeting, 19 December 2014

As the winter term drew to a close at Imperial College, we had a somewhat smaller audience for our final meeting of the term. However that failed to dampen our spirits, as President Marcel Admiraal gave his CC#9 speech entitled Carpe Diem, evaluated by Yi Liu.

This was followed by a message from Marcel himself. He announced that there would be a speaking contest in the next academic term! Are you up for it?? šŸ˜€

Regular Meeting, 4 December 2014

In this lovely evening, which was kicked off with someĀ Table Topics, followed by twoĀ interesting speechesĀ that seemed to be on opposite side of the spectrum. First was new member Mikael Koskela, who gave an interesting CC#1 Ice Breaker speech about octopuses (evaluated by Matthieu Komorowski). Next was President Marcel Admiraal who gave an enlightening talk about how machines could one day replace human workforce, for CC#8 (evaluated by James Trussler).