Regular Meeting, 21 May 2015

Triple treat!

An exciting lineup of three speeches by our members who deserved to be qualified as experienced speakers by now. As usual, we had some extremely thought-provoking Table Topics which got audiences petrified, wondering if they would get called upon to answer them. We had two CC#1 Icebreaker speeches, from Ioannis Michalakoudis (evalauted by the eloquent Daniela Ortner, VPE from London 104 Debaters) and Sicong Li (evaluated by Marcel Admiraal). Last but not least, Mikael Koskela presented his CC#4 speech entitled Cartesian rendevous, evaluated by Fu Xiang Quah.

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Regular Meeting, 12 February 2015

It was a lovely evening at Imperial College Speakers. We had the privilege to welcome a highly experienced guest speaker Anthony Winyard who gave the audience a poignant speech, while our very own President Marcel Admiraal gave a strong inspirational lecture to wrap up the final project on the Competent Communicator manual.

Congratulations to Marcel on completing his CC!

Enjoy the videos below!

Quote of the evening: “Dreams don’t die, only dreamers do”.

Unfortunately, recordings for evaluations are not available as the camera batteries were depleted halfway through the meeting. We apologise for that.


Regular Meeting, 29 January 2015

Imperial College Speakers kicked off 2015 with an amazing lineup of speakers. First was some Table Topics conducted by our VPE Daniel Spencer. The first speech was from Tom Lindeboom giving his CC#1 Speech (evaluated by James Trussler), while Mikael Koskela gave a light-hearted speech about building sand castles in his CC#2 Speech (evaluated by Ioannis Michalakoudis). Good stuff.

Regular Meeting, 19 December 2014

As the winter term drew to a close at Imperial College, we had a somewhat smaller audience for our final meeting of the term. However that failed to dampen our spirits, as President Marcel Admiraal gave his CC#9 speech entitled Carpe Diem, evaluated by Yi Liu.

This was followed by a message from Marcel himself. He announced that there would be a speaking contest in the next academic term! Are you up for it?? 😀

Regular Meeting, 4 December 2014

In this lovely evening, which was kicked off with some Table Topics, followed by two interesting speeches that seemed to be on opposite side of the spectrum. First was new member Mikael Koskela, who gave an interesting CC#1 Ice Breaker speech about octopuses (evaluated by Matthieu Komorowski). Next was President Marcel Admiraal who gave an enlightening talk about how machines could one day replace human workforce, for CC#8 (evaluated by James Trussler).

Regular Meeting, 20 November 2014

Secretary/Webmaster Fu Xiang Quah challenged audiences to think with some tricky impromptu Table Topics. Elsewhere, new member Weston Baxter showcased his excellence in speaking with his CC#1 Ice Breaker Speech, urging audiences to find their calling in life (evaluated by Marcel Admiraal). Sounds interesting? Have a look!

Regular Meeting, 6 November 2014

This regular meeting featured some interesting and somewhat unique speeches. First up was President Marcel Admiraal with a speech about machine learning for CC#7 (evaluated by Mikael Koskela). Next up was veteran speaker Yi Liu who gave the audience a glimpse into ancient China (evaluated by Fu Xiang), as part of the first project in his Advanced Communicator: The Storyteller. The Table Topics session was a blast as well, with some brave new faces giving spectacular performances.

Regular Meeting, 24 September 2014

In the first meeting of the new academic year, old members congregate once more to relive the spirit of public speaking. There were familiar faces, as well as some new faces, some of which were featured on the Table Topics session. And presenting a speech was Immediate Past President James Semple, who voiced some thought-provoking opinions about education and creativity these days.