“It may be the end of the decade, but it is the beginning of a revolution!”

Thanks for making the 2010s so memorable! We are so proud of the growth of our Society and Toastmaster club!

It is incredible how after a relatively short existence, we have already transformed the lives of countless people! We are unspeakably grateful for our achievements and experiences this decade.

Let’s make the next decade wonderful too, shall we? Continue reading ““It may be the end of the decade, but it is the beginning of a revolution!””

“Words have no value until they are used to change lives.”

On 22 November, our impressive President, Ronnie, doubled as Table Topics Master.

He deliberately asked easy questions so that guests were more willing to answer.

It worked! People were leaping to go onstage before Ronnie could even finish saying the questions!

Chuka blew us away with the moving spoken-word poetry in “My Descriptive Journey”. He started, maintained, and ended with unmatched energy. He won Best Speaker.

Xiaolei surprised many of us by announcing her completion of multiple long-distance running feats! In “How to hack my first half-marathon”, she proposed how she will take herself to the next level.

Have you ever wondered how flowers look so beautiful in pictures? Kasia explains the sophisticated art in “How to Photograph Floral Arrangements for Online Store”.

We are highly delighted to tell you about a very special event that is happening at our club next Thursday.

Next week, Adolfo Tunon will be presenting a unique workshop to teach a crucial, in-demand skill: leadership.

Adolfo has been a Toastmaster for over 12 glorious years! He founded Corporate Club Citi Speak and Lead in Northern Ireland. Adolfo has worked at Santander, and Lloyds Bank.
Adolfo will instruct attendees of our next meeting to simulate – in groups – our club liaising with Corporate Clubs. If you come, you will discuss the deciding aspects that you need to take into account when leading a project, a team, or an assignment.

Moreover, you will apply these concepts to a plan that the IC Speakers are leading on how to be in close communication with Corporate Clubs for mutual benefit.

You do not want to miss this meeting! Sign up here now!

Become a better social animal, like a Robin

Hey there!

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to speak to someone but just couldn’t?

Well, Robin Sundström educated us on how to be better social animals. We learnt how to step out of our comfort zone and engage with people on a personal level. After all, there can be no growth without growing pains.

(His workshop was half an hour long so we did not have Table Topics this week.)

Kasia intrigued us with her Icebreaker titled “Who am I?” She definitely gave us something to think about. Are you aware?

Paula Vila announced “My Future Communication Plan”. Blogging, according to her, is the way forward.

Xiaolei Zhang told us about a controversial topic concerning her home country, China. She won the Prepared Speech prize. Congrats!

Watch out! Our Halloween meeting is this… Halloween!

First April meeting

We had a smashing Speak-A-Thon! April Fools! We actually ended up having a great Table Topics provided by Katia Hougaard on the very subject of April Fools (actually due to last-minute cancellations).

In fact, we only had two speeches, one from Niklas Heiler and one from Chuka Nwobodo.

Congratulations to Darragh O’Sullivan for accomplishing the important task of Toastmaster for the first time! Also, Ronnie Zhang was Linguist for the first time.

“Speak A Thon” meeting!

Dear Imperial College Speakers Members and Guests,

Join us this week for a special “Speak A Thon” meeting! Due to popular demand for speech slots, we have changed up the meeting format to allow 5 prepared speeches and 5 evaluations. This week, you’ll get to hear two Icebreaker speeches from our new members Xiaolei and Ronnie. After that, Chuka, Sadia, and Paula will give their prepared speeches.

We are still looking for speech evaluators as well as a Toastmaster this week! If you haven’t tried these roles yet, now is a great time to do so.

The meeting is on Thursday, February 21st, at SAF room 121 at 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm.

Our club speech contest is only a week away – there are still contestant slots available for speech and evaluation contests as well as supporting roles for the event. If you’re interested, please get in touch via icstoastmasters@gmail.com or our FB page/group.

Hope to see you there!

best wishes, Katia H



ICspeakers – Valentines Day Mentoring “Speed Dating” this Week <3

Dear Imperial College Speakers members & guests,

Are you looking to make a true connection with a special person this Valentines Day, but don’t know where to start? Then come to our Valentines Day Mentoring Speed Dating event this Thursday, February 14th, at 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm at SAF 121!

The “special person” we are referring to is your Toastmasters mentor (of course). A Toastmasters mentor is a person who helps and supports a new member through at least 3 speech projects to help the new person gain confidence and independence as a public speaker and leader.  In the mentoring speed dating session, potential mentors will chat with prospective mentees to get to know each other. After the meeting, the club committee will review the mentor and mentees’ preferences and assign 2 mentees to each mentor. It’s not too late to sign up as mentor or mentee!

We will also feature 3 prepared speeches in the second half of the meeting. Kasia will give a speech bringing history to life, Flavian will talk about love, and Niklas will give his Icebreaker – a stimulating programme all around!

There will be free chocolate candy and brownies for everyone!

best wishes, Katia H



Club meeting 17th Jan 2019

Join us this week for our 2nd meeting of 2019! This week, Chuka will lead a Table Topics session on a theme highly relevant to our club – “Sound”. Whether it is in the form of speech or music, sound is a huge component of our sensory world. We will also have a speech from William on how skills can be more important than passion, Chuka will explore the mind of the monkey, and Paula will share her tips for acing interviews. You won’t want to miss it!

Please note that this week’s meeting takes place at Huxley Building room 130 and NOT SAF 121! We recommend you enter the Huxley Building via the Queen’s Gate’s entrance, where one of our club members will be there to guide you to the meeting room.

best wishes, Katia Hougaard


Painting by the Russian artist Kandinsky. Many of his paintings were inspired by jazz music!

Achievements in 2018

Dear ICS members,

Happy New Year 2019! The past year has been amazing, and I feel blessed to serve the club.

First off, I would like to congratulate our friends who have challenged themselves and were awarded in 2018 for their achievements.

For those on Toastmaster traditional education:
Kehan Zhang – Competent Communication
Harold Mantilla – Competent Communication
Katia Carol Hougaard – Advanced Communication Bronze and Advanced Leadership Bronze
Katarzyna Chelinska – Advanced Leadership Silver

And for those on Pathways Education:
Zachary Gen Yamaoka – Effective Coaching level 1
Sadia Zaman – Dynamic Leadership level 1
Varshit Dusad –  Visionary Communication level 1 and 2
Paula Vila – Innovative Planning level 1 and 2

Secondly, I’m excited to say that we may be awarded with the “President’s Distinguished Club” award, the most prestigious award for a Toastmaster club for the first time in our club’s history.

I am even more excited about what we will achieve together in 2019. Let the old year end and the New Year begin with new aspirations to learn and grow!

Best wishes,
Nuttawut Kongsuwan
President, Imperial College Speakers

Happy Holidays from the Imperial College Speakers Club!

It’s been a dynamic 2018 for our club. In this year, we welcomed Nuttawut as our new club president, and he has proved to be a president with true vision, leadership, and compassion. Along with our dedicated officer team of Shibo, Janith, Kehan, and yours truly, we have stepped up meetings from a biweekly to weekly format, hosted exciting speech contests, and helped numerous new members find their confidence as public speakers. In addition, we’ve shared our club with the wider community by “evangelising” at the hectic Freshers Fair and visiting other Toastmasters club to learn from our public speaking peers. We are eagerly looking forward to all the new adventures and evolutions in 2019!

(PS – our next meeting is January 10th at SAF 121 at 6:15 pm if you want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about!)