Did you know that around 50% of lawyers within the UK studied a non-law degree? Your degree at Imperial College not only provides you with many of the transferable skills needed for a legal career, but likely has direct relevance to certain practice areas of law, such as Life Sciences or Intellectual Property law. The application process is competitive, but the Imperial College Law Society is committed to helping students through every stage of the journey towards a legal career. We have a number of on-campus events with our sponsors lined up for you this year from practise interviews and mock case studies to networking events and corporate presentations! Feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or find me in person on campus!

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Competitive Salaries

Trainees in city firms earn in excess of £38,000 with starting salaries reaching up to £100,000 for newly qualified lawyers.


Diverse practice areas

For whatever your degree at Imperial, there will be a legal industry or sector that has a demand for your skill set.



Most lawyers today are as much business consultants as legal professionals. Clients demand practical commercial solutions, not academic ones.