The fact you've found us means you're at Imperial College and am probably interested in the LGBT community (if you thought IQ was about sudoku puzzles then you're mistaken..!)


You might feel nervous or uncertain about joining IQ, especially if you're beginning to explore your sexual orientation for the first time. You needn't worry, as we've been there too and we know what it's like. It doesn't matter if you're a fresher coming to Imperial for the first time, or if you're a returning student who hasn't joined before but has seen us around - we're a friendly bunch and this page will tell you everything you need to know about getting involved.


Postgraduates will be pleased to learn that we have many postgraduate members at IQ. Also, our membership covers a wide range of subjects, years and ages so it doesn't matter if you choose to join in your first year of undergraduate study or your last of a PhD - it's always a great time to come and see what we're about!

What Does IQ Offer?


University isn't just about working hard and getting good grades. It's important that you enjoy your time at Imperial, and for many that will involve making friends through clubs and societies. IQ is a fun society to get involved with and we always have exciting events lined up, but it's also an important place for meeting other gay students. Exploring the LGBT world alone can be intimidating and confusing and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience between us, so it's worth checking IQ out.

What To Expect?


We're here for all the LGBT students at IC and that means we try to cater for all. If you're looking for a quiet evening watching a film or discussing a book then you'll enjoy our regular film night and book club events. If you're looking for something a bit more lively then we have our own barnight AtomIQ and often arrange nights out in various parts of London. On top of our regular events we do plenty of different things throughout the year, from our Christmas party to the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, and celebrating LGBT History Month in February.

Join In!


We send out weekly emails announcing our upcoming events and details of where and when to meet. To join the mailing list (which is completely confidential), send us an email at saying you want to be signed up.


Keep your eyes peeled for our event details, we now have an online events calendar. Don't worry if you didn't have a chance to come to our Fresher's Week events - we welcome new members at any point during the year, and lots of people join at all sorts of times right through the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.


Finally, some words of encouragement if you're feeling apprehensive. You can join IQ whenever you're ready to, it doesn't have to be at the start of the year, or even in your first year - some of the committee didn't. But try not to put it off because of nerves. We exist because we want you to be able to make LGBT friends and be happy, so we run friendly, fun and relaxed events where you'll feel welcome and respected. Past and present members will agree that joining IQ was a great decision which enabled them to make lifelong friends. Take that first step and join in too!




We run many events during the early weeks in the academic year to help people settle in, such as a local pub crawl and a bar crawl of Soho. We also run a families / parenting scheme each year which are involved in lighter events like cocktail, games and film nights.






Please do join our mailing list, follow us twitter, and ask to join our confidential Facebook group to stay informed about what's going on! If in doubt, feel free to email any member of the committee or our own email for help and advice. We look forward to seeing you!


The LGBT+ parenting scheme is an annual scheme run by IQ as a way to introduce new students (either Undergraduate or Graduate) or even existing students to the LGBT+ community at Imperial. The scheme aims to be beneficial to all, regardless of whether you’re interested in making friends, being introduced to the social scene, or seeking support in exploring your own sexuality or gender identity. The scheme aims to utilise the experience of parents to better inform new LGBT+ Imperial students about these things.


The LGBT+ parenting scheme aims to put new students and current students who are yet to get involved with the community in touch with friendly people who can make them feel welcome and answer their questions (or in some cases direct them towards somebody who can answer their questions). There will be a number of events (first event October 10th 2016) during t first term associated with the parenting scheme. Parents are of course encouraged to arrange additional family gatherings though!



After signing up you will receive an email on the weekend of the 8/9th of October, informing you of your parents. You will then be able to contact your parents (or they will contact you) with any queries you have about identifying as LGBT+ in Imperial, or Imperial life in general.


There will be a number of events during the 1st term related to the parenting scheme (see the Facebook page), and your parents may also arrange events.




If you wish to sign-up with a co-parent, there is an option at the end of the form to indicate this, however both parents should fill in a form to give us the best chance of making appropriate matches.


Once you have signed up, you will be informed of your kids on the weekend of 8/9th October and we will provide contact details so you can get in touch with them. Also, we can’t guarantee all parents will be assigned kids, as prior experience has shown there to be an excess of parents.



Imperial is great place for gay people to work for, so if you happen to be Imperial College staff then you should be happy to know that Imperial has a dedicated LGBT group for you!


Head over to the Imperial 600 page here!



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