Jeh Devraj



Hi, I'm Jeh, IQ President and Imperial College Union's LGBT+ Officer for this year!


My job is go oversee the running of IQ to ensure that we're doing the best we ca to provide for and support our members.


I also liase with the Union to make sure that LGBT+ students are always represented.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what IQ does or how to get involved!




      Chris Carter



Hi, I'm Chris, a second year geophysicist. I'm your treasurer this year, so I manage the funds and make sure that we can have a great year full of events.


Throughout the year, we'll be pursuing sponsorships and funding opportunities, to give us our best year yet.


If you have any questions about how our funds are being used, or are interested in providing some new ideas, please feel free to contact me.


      Chloe Lewis



Hey all, I'm Chloe, a second year geologist. My job is to facilitate communication between you and the committee members and keep IQ running smoothly.



Throughout the year, I will be sending you updates on our events, managing the email account and the Facebook page. If you have any comments or suggestions for our events, feel free to drop me an email at



      Dex Oseman



Hi, I'm Dex, a second year chemist and IQ Assistant Treasurer for this year. I help Chris out arranging sponsorship and managing IQ's finances.






      Thomas Wong



Hello! I'm Thomas, this year's Postgraduate Officer.!


I'm here to help LGBT+ postgraduates, whether new to Imperial or returning from an earlier course, find their place in Imperial's LGBT+ community.


I'll be running several events for postgraduates throughout the year, so be sure to find our page on facebook and signn up to our mailing list to stay up to date!


If you want/need, feel free to contact me to find out more and I look forward to meeting you!


      Keir Logan



Hi! I'm Keir, a second year physicist, and I'm IQ Events Officer this year.


My role is to plan various events for you to enjoy and make sure everything goes well during them. What I want to do this year is to celebrate the diversity within IQ and go explore the various queer spaces in London.


I'll also create an environment where you can meet lovely people and feel safe to be yourself, with plenty of non-drinking, private socials!


Please get in touch with your accessibility needs, feedback and suggestions via Facebook.



      Georgia Green



Hi, I'm Georgia, a third year chemist and IQ Welfare Officer. My job is to ensure that every IQ member receives the support and advice they need to be happy and healthy while at Imperial.


We'll point you in the rigth direction if you need support, and aim to provide a safe space where everyone cann belong, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Take a look at the Welfare section of this website for more info, or email if you have any questions.



      Giacomo Guerci


Hi I'm Giacomo, a 4th year student on the Computing course. This year I'm the Sexuality Diversity Officer for IQ and I work to improve the visibility of trans, bi, pan and ace people amongst and beyond the society. While recognising that we use these denominations for the ease of speech, I believe that questioning and exploring your sexuality is the normal part of one's growth, and even more so at this age. Hence I am getting involved with the rest of the committee to represent the wider spectrum of sexual variety and I will promote both social and educational events to make everyone feel welcome.


If you wish to contact me, drop us email at Whether it's an anonymous request for advice or feedback on the way we are working, I'll make sure to follow up with helpful information.



   Bex Horner



Hey! I’m Bex, a second year geophysics student, and I’m Women's Officer for IQ this year.


My role involves making everyone who identifies as a woman at Imperial feel welcome, both in the uni, and especially as a part of IQ. Imperial is a male dominated environment, but by meeting other women at events and socials throughout the year, you’ll always have a supportive network around you.


My inbox is always open if you have any questions or just want a chat 😊


I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!




      Jeh Devraj



Hey! I'm Jeh (pronounced like "Jay") and I'm your Trans and Gender Variant Officer for this year (as well as President!).


I'm a third year medical student and I'm here to make your time at Imperial as comfortable and enjoyable as ever. I will be running events to connect the trans/gender diverse/questioning community together and to introduce you to the greater London trans community.


Feel free to add me on Facebook so we can get to know each other! I'd love to chat with you about being trans at Imperial or anything else that interests you 🙂


I would love to meet you at the trans events coming up this year, but feel free to send me an email at any time if you think it will helpful to you.




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