ICSF Quote List — 2013

The ICSF Quotes List contains perfectly innocent things said by people in the library. From throughout 2013.
And, always remember: Context: Be Damned!

Fluffy: God has infinite testicles!

Xander [Carrot of Doom]: Sounds like something you'd buy with a knife & some Vaseline.
Rebecca-Liz: That's Peter's face.

Benedict: Cameron is not the Ceiling.

Cameron: I Can Fix This!

Cameron: It's a computer - it's plug and play. You plug in a nuclear weapon and you get a genetic testing device.

Cameron: I had nothing to do with the goat.
???: It must have been Aberforth then.

Amanda: And thus, mustache-bird was born.

Cameron: Kill you landlord with genocide.

Vin: Ticker inspectors are Cylons!

Benedict: Sometimes I just find myself covered in blood...tasty, delicious blood...

Ethel: Who needs henna when you've got blood

Maciej: Whips make everything for more fun

Going Postal: Bugger the moral high ground!

Sam: Which of its tentacles are its genitalia?

Cameron: You get the burglar mask, I'll contact the fire office; let's go break into Bristol!

Cameron: Soooo cute…Hitler Kitten is judging me harshly!

Maciej: For her, even Chorley would seem nice.
Cameron: Oh god, poor person...

RebeccaLiz to Cameron: You are not performing rossit enemas.

Cameron: If any country in the world executed by eel enema, I would obey all the rules!

Cameron: What you need is a surgical trident.

Cameron: I will not run the fornicating lollipop store!

Helen: All we need to do is make them associate the sound of screaming with sugar cubes

Sam: When a human and a lump of clay love each other very much…

Amanda: My mind is blown with sense.

Cameron: Gratuitous Nudity!
Xander: Where?
Amanda: In my flat

Helen: My productivity is not Yaks

Cameron: What's in this nuclear bomb? Cocaine!

Cameron: First you have to have sex with the pig.

Benedict: I needs to take my ears off to this hoodie on.

Fluffy: I should have totally got penis into that gap.

Sam: Vinegar should not dissolve packaging!

Cameron: Buffy's neck went missing about five years ago — if any more goes missing, I'll murder them with a spoon.

Ethel: If you can't beat them, wear their skins.

Greek Sam: Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons are the same thing.

Cameron: Once science has invented magic, we can do anything.

Cameron: If you get the resurrected body of Hitler, I will bow down onto you.

Kermit: I'm confused where I live!

Matthew: Robostitutes?

Trevor: The library has denied me robot legs for the last time!

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