ICSF Quotes List 2012

The ICSF Quotes List contains perfectly innocent things said by people in the library. From c. Jan '12 - Dec '12.
And, always remember: Context: Be Damned!

Rosie: Stop making the beanbag wiggle.

Xander: I'm very comfortable with discussion excrement.

Cameron: I am generally sorry for introducing tentacles into the conversation.

Benedict: And now...we make the zombie children.

Benedict: I will admit, in many wars, people do die.

Cameron: Let me tell you Alex Cameron's secret knowledge...the Mumbo Judo knowledge.

Cameron: I'm not buying a Russian Jet so I can use Agent Orange on Yorkshire.

Benedict: I am the most dignified mouse tea pot!

Dr. Clements: Looks like we are groping towards some kind of climax.

Helen: We can be cultured! Like bacteria on a plate.

Lucy: I really don't want to fight Zan for her skull.

Maciej: Talking about triple decapitations...

The Clangers: Stay quiet and we will not have to gag you.

People: Time Vortices — this is why we can't have nice things.

Cameron: Commence the stabbing!

Cameron: He just spent three weeks in the brain-fuckotorium

Benedict: Why are my trees escaping?

Cameron: I do like a homicidal maniac once in a while.
Vin: What do you do with them, eat them?

Rebecca-Liz: Ernst isn't more than usually tentacular.

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