ICSF Quotes List 2011

The ICSF Quotes List contains perfectly innocent things said by people in the library. From c. Feb '11 - Dec '11.
And, always remember: Context: Be Damned!

Cameron: I can see in the dark and my lips are pregnant. Yay!

Mook: By this point it was in my mouth, and it was a really bad day

Lucy: Yes, but that never stopped men having sex with sheep

A-S Chris: Semi Dave is library equipment; therefore must be kept well oiled and services

Jacob: I didn't realise there was a genocide at the end of this book! I thought it was a nice book

Hok: Argh! Goats! They just don't like taking pictures with me!

Mark (Sally): Why won't the Cthulhu sex load!? I need Cthulhu sex on my mobile!

Rebecca-Liz: It's been censored with cupcakes!

Simon: I was trying to do it one handed
Tom: Yeah, so was I.
Simon: No, you were doing it two-handed and flailing

Chris: Orgasmic?
Sonja: The only response I can think of is 'it is not long enough'

Robin: It's not cheating...it's a Thursday!

There are four more lines of quotes on this list at this point. I can't read what they say.

Angela: I'm trying to think of fun things to do with condoms.

Benedict: Milk it! Milk it for everything it's got!

Sonja: Technically, I've sucked on one but let's move on.

Chris to Semi(?)-Dave: Can we not talk about goo educating Sonya in the face?

Dave (which?): I'm not allowed to refer to my metal rubber-handled hand crank...with a hinge...

Dave (which?): It gets even better when you get the unlock that lets two guys do it at the same time.

Rebecca-Liz: If it weren't tied back, it'd be all over that fresher by now.

Cameron: When you spiked it, it squirted everywhere.

Joe: HP Laptops fuck me.

Joe: I had a thing that mounted my home partition.

Hok: I shove it in people; why do they care?

Robin: Sorry about the elves in my head: they won't quieten down.

Robin: These sheep are not from concentrate

Rebecca-Liz: I don't know if you want to be responsible for helping start Kim Jong Il's music career...

Atsuhide: I only watch tentacle porn for the art work.

Chris: No! Must wear more girl's clothing!

Samuel: That is not Peter Williams! That's Washington D.C.
Editor's Note: this confusion rapidly became a running joke whilst watching Stargate SG1 s02e09.

Atsuhide, aiming for 'Apophis' Apopipos.

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