ICSF Quotes List 2009

The ICSF Quotes List contains perfectly innocent things said by people in the library. From c. Oct 09 - Mar 09.
And, always remember: Context: Be Damned!

Fluffy Alex: Peter is twitching beneath me...it's a disturbing feeling.

Semi-Dave: I certainly did get one over the armadillo!

God-Lucy: I've hit it repeatedly several times, and not just because I want to leave.

Rosannah: I can't help it if he* comes out of my mouth.
*(Barry Manilow)

Mark (Mook): I feel it more with Alban!

Primrose: RANT!
Gabriel: RANT!

Alban: I'm the King of France, big spender!

[Toys were being thrown. Semi-Dave catches Academithulhu.]
Semi-Dave: I'm being shelled by Cthulhu?
[He throws it back.]
Semi-Dave: Matriculate This!

Semi-Dave: I was begging the warden to let me stick my hub in there!

Hyper-Lucy: I thought I'd see about mounting Great A'Tuin.

Semi-Dave: Poking is for women!

Man Robin: My hand! He's got my hand in an armpit grip!

Man Robin: You can't just misquote me!
Everyone: Yes, we can!

Mark (Sally): Anal rape is not all that's needed!

Semi-Dave: It's more fun when it squeaks.

Chris: Dave is himself a rape alarm.

Kath: Where's the "W" in Torchwoo...Oh...

Joseph: ...chest-bursting vampire baby!
Rosie: Chest-bursting‽ Where do you think the womb is?

Semi-Dave on Phil Jupitus: He swung 'round, sat on my knees, and did me from the front!

Patrick [Midway through a Stargate conversation]: Who's...Dr. Daniel Jackson?

Benedict: Can you taste the bitterness coming through?

Rebecca-Liz: Complex functions are so simple!

Benedict [Brandishing Fist]: But that's 'cos I'm dumb, alright?

Kath: I'm so happy: I have balls and a tail!

Rosannah: I don't think icing would work. Penises are too savoury.

Joseph: I stopped thinking a long time ago...

Gabriel to Benedict: One of these days I'm going to strap you to a bed!

Hyper-Lucy: You DID build a crane out of glue!
Joakim: No! The pasta was load-bearing.

Chris: If they can do it in Star Wars, you can do it here!

Rebecca-Liz: I like the Ku-Klux-Klan.

Primrose: I'm Alex Cameron! I don't fail!

Gabriel: Yay! Hurray for sexual assault of Cameron.

Rebecca-Liz: It's what Chris Hutchinson would look like if he had large breasts.

Rosannah: I frequently put my penis in fish.

Beth: I try to avoid blowing into people's faces.

Beth: All of you three got me wet.

Rosannah: I don't know what it was, but I think I grew a penis.

Wouter: Gentlemen! I am coming!

God-Lucy: We are wired for sex.
Semi-Dave: Just as long as her mum does not see them...

Hyper-Lucy: I like being an inbred mutant.

Robin Bennett: This is what happened when you come and I try and talk to you.

Wouter: Sweet Vampire Penis!

Wouter: I promise never to take my top off to predict the weather.

Semi-Dave: Using fingers often helps.

Joseph: You need to be trained to use the giant slab of meat!

Patrick: What are the laws on Necrophilia now days?

Adventure! Dave: Put your pen away now.

Fluffy Alex: Why do men have them?

Primrose: My lecture was intended for third years...
Everyone: You are a third year!

Semi-Dave: What are you doing? Get your hands out of my pockets!

Semi-Dave: I think my dentist likes drilling people too much...It's a woman!

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