ICSF Quotes List 2007

The ICSF Quotes List contains perfectly innocent things said by people in the library. From c. July 07 - July 08

Becca: I didn't say crotch, Dave said crotch!

Tim (to Peter): Your thigh is actually quite comfy.

Tim: You have to teach your chair to sign any bit of Becca I put in front of him.

Peter: You sell it to them by telling them it's like 'The Passion of the Christ' but with lasers.

Baz: My suggestions are almost always pragmatic.

Alan: My mouth can't go that fast.

Alan: I'll maximise for Peter!

Hok: What's 'poon...tang'?

Dancing Dave: I don't think it is necessarily illegal to tell small children that you are going to tie up and rape them.

Katie: There are limits even to Dave's clenching, apparently.

Adventure! Dave: What does beer do?

Alban: You weren't complaining about the midget horse porn.
Alex Cameron: But I like midget... oh damn.

Sergey: I wonder if I can buy tuna on Amazon.

Kai: I wonder what the melting point of penis is...

Wouter (to LARP Dave): I was going to ask what subject you do, but your name's Dave.

Rosie: I'm not putting that in my mouth!

Smithers: I would rather be distracted than have you lot talking about rotting flesh.

Adventure! Dave: Where did they get their bollocks from?

Peter: It's better to follow the Bible than 'The night of the crabs'.

Fresher Alex(about Adam): I want to mother him!

A! Dave: Choke on this or die!

Drama John: Voom.

Rosie: I will bite that if it comes near my face.

Chris: I accidentally put my arm in the Serpentine this morning.

Rosie: Whose Obama?

Chris: I thought Rosie was stripping.
Rosie: No, I is taking my top off.

Hok: I feel Peter.

Dave: You asked me! You bitches.

Rosie: Do not make Hok wiggle.

Chris: Don't jump on me or you'll get impaled!

Chris: She doesn't try, innuendo just comes naturally.

Scottish Rebecca: I need a way to distinguish you from other Eds.
Chris: My name is Chris.

Ali: The hilarious thing is the main character died.

Peter: No! You've got to go hyperbolic.

Peter (totally not being bitchy): Sergey is really quite racist.
Alban: What do you expect?, he's Russian.

Scottish Dave: I'll just drill a little hole and shove it in.

Alex Cameron (making a £5 bet with Alex Shires): AI is twenty years off.

Alex Cameron: One picogram can kill you. If it is placed on your eyeball.

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