ICSF Quotes List 2004

The ICSF Quotes List contains perfectly innocent things said by people in the library. These are from 2004 and before.

Iain: I've never seen anything so huge before!

Jakob: Shuri, has that thing grown again?

Young Simon: Anything can be taken sexually in the library.

Toby: It's just because I'm so strokealicious

Alia: I just heard comments about your bigness

Iain: JFX will hax0r your megahertz

Robbie: I can keep it up for five minutes ... I have done in the past ... when I was bored in a computer lesson

Phil: See, he(Jakob)'s easy!

Pete: Shuri, have you seen my glittering Lynx?

Iain: Can I have some of that white stuff?

Baz: Shit yeah! I'd like one that long!

Jake: I've got a slot you can use if you promise to behave with it.

Iain: Don't tweak my nipples without my permission.

Simon: And Michael said I'd never get it out...

Alex C.: You can have my soul, you can have my body, but I get to keep my jazz collection

Ben: Many Star Wars characters ate my balls, apparently.

Robbie: I am a humbled and naked slave.

Tiny Tom: I rotated myself for no good reason!

Tim: I won't get Baz, He's too rangy!

Malcolm: He's a wizard - they all have giant shiny balls!

Jake: They only recently patched it so that the crotch does not prevail.

Alex: Hot tasty men have better bits for eating.

Simon: I would rather have sleep!

Tai (to Alex): Bend over, it's the easiest way.

Tiny Tom: Does anyone want to fiddle with me?

Small Tom: Mine has a donkey on it.

Tiny Tom: It's true ... I feel so dirty.

Baz: I've experienced Tai in a position of authority before.

Baz: So you'd have to suck very hard and squeeze.

Tiny Tom: I want to fuck everyone.

Alex: Bend over, here it comes again.

Ben: It's because freshers have staying power

Thomas (with no prior knowledge of fnords): I can't see any fnords!

Kath: Robbie, you can have your bollocks back.

Kath (to Tai): No, you're not doing anything to that ring.

Kath: There is a limit to how much Lord Flashheart I can take in one week.

Tai: It'll go much easier if you lie down...

Robbie: I think the royal family might have a thing about sheep.

Seb: I'm talking through your breasts at Tai.

Smaller Tom: Don't slap me, it's kinky!

Alex (at the end of Cube): So that's it? There's no explanation of who built it, or why they were chosen?
Everyone: No
Alex: Oh

Jake: I am an evil creature of the night. Sleep with me.

Simon: I'd like to see Tiny Tom and Small Tom wanging it up.

Alex: I couldn't be a female sumo wrestler.

Baz: and I still managed ot get it out every month except for the month I was told not to.

Alex: A bigger bin might mean Dave Clements would get it in more often.

Karne: I'm more than happy to direct them how as to do it from behind.

Baz: I tried to get if off, but it wouldn't come!

Robbie: I spent all my time figuring out where you can get a warthog to go. You can get them just about anywhere if you wiggle enough.

Malcolm: Baby-oil has it's uses.

Alex: Vicky gave me a good workout...

Tiny Tom: I take offence at the idea I might not make a wholesome meal.

Ben: I'm not inflating Alex.

Malcolm: There's a lot of Jessica Rabbit porn about!
Alex: Not that I've ever seen any ... but you're right!

Ben: But where are the freshers?
All (to tune of Rocky Horror): ... fucking ... and sucking...

Alex (about Vicky): Blows mostly

Mark: I've never said anything that stupid in this room.

Alex: I'm hard enough to do it twice, are you?

Robbie: We have a quality crap!

Shuri: I'm not going to be doing that position again any time soon.

Shuri: What you need to do is get crumples bits of tissue paper and stick them in.

Etak: I would so put that in my mouth.

Sam: She couldn't manage that many at once, she's quite small.

Alex: I got attacked by Baz's legs.

Etak: I ate the other one at least.

Iain: I like Jake's pretty thing.

Alex: I just need a few more inches.

Kath: And it was a whole inch long!

Phil: I actually did it to you, and you are female.

Robbie: Screw the goddamned fluffy animals!

Eemeli: I'm very good at stroking the backs of people's heads.

Paolo(?) (To Mitul): can you move please so I can penetrate again.

Baz: I seem to have been better equipped than everyone else present.

Tim: It's too big to beat you off with.

Kath: No, you can do stuff to your hot cords (???)

Paolo: What would your price be Sam?

Dave: The library is full of corpses today.

Eemeli: How would you like to be fed?

Jake: As far as I'm concerned, I won't be doing anything with animals.

Robbie: Not you, I was talking to Satan.

Muppet: But the Scottish are all tight ... though I haven't sampled all of them.

Kath: It's my birthday - you are not allowed to piss on me!

Robbie: What's this hash doing here?

Adam: I'd go out with you if you gave me a squirrel!

Tai: It'll hurt less if you straddle.

Robbie (touching Tai): You're way too hot

Baz: I've been using LaTeX too much recently.

Simon: I think Toby is going to come.

Simon: I need my Kavu to come.

Viv: you need to take them off first before you start playing.

Ed: I've got to swing by Chem. to pick up Phil's harness.

Seb: I'm making happy sense.

Karne: Faster Lloyd, faster!

Alex: I like getting petted.

Tai: Muppet tips both ways.

Phil: Get your fucking hand out of there!

Shuri: I want to be an evil overlord so that everyone will be my slave and they'll all have to play with me!

Phil: I always have these problems getting things in.

Robbie: Michel's given it to most of the rest of us.

Lloyd: I have the longest thing in the Sci Fi Library.

Phil: ... having found little bits of Tai in my room <mumble mumble mumble>

Karne: I'm stupid, aren't I?

Baz: I experimented with it a little bit at the start of this year.

Matt J: I think we should play poker with Magic cards.

Lloyd: I think we should have a panel discussion on how hard we like it.

Tai: I've got 35 gigs of mp3s, a gig or so of porn...

Robbie: Let Marcus go outside and play with his pole.

Viv (at Prince Caspian): This isn't more of the Avengers is it?

Robbie: All superior races dress in black leather.

Muppet: It works if I ease it in gently.

Mattt: Please, we are actually a family library.

Robbie (to Baz): Did you try Tai?

<?>: is she burying herself in your groin?
Baz: No, it's not that big.

Eemeli (to Tai): Can you stop doing that please? It's rather disturbing, especially from this angle.

Eemeli: No, I'm not going to do the same to you, especially if you're straddling me.

Matt K: I'm not seeing any flappage.

Tom: I like doing it to animals.

Baz: I wonder if it is larger than my wrench?

Baz: I like playing with Peter's wrench

Tai: I like having a silly hard thing.

Tai: Eemeli, will you be my orgasm friend?

Etak: I thought of you while I was eating it. And I ate it slow.

Shuri: Coleslaw is a sexual perversion!

Alex: I want the boys!

Ben: Alex was looking at me and licking his lips.]

Ben: Stop staring at Owain's crotch.
Alex: ... I was staring at his coke.

Simon: Can was stop putting Alex on the list?

Laura: Oh, the throbbing...

Ben: ... before I put Frank Sinatra on and charge Kath up again.

Malcolm: Given that you just annihilated my penis...

Tim: My brother is not that young to have that sort of fun with him.

Ian: I love the effect you get when you do this ... [Ceiling collapses] (technically not in library)

Ben: Dwarves are really really annoying because they won't go down.

Tim: After you've beaten it a couple of times, it gets boring...

Duncan: Yay! Want white stuff!

Baz: (Tiny) Tom is too incompetent to manage it.

Ben: It's just what one's right arm is for.

Ian: Alex, It's between your legs.

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