Picocon 37 Art Competition

We are running a Picocon artwork competition, with your artwork being used on our official convention T-shirts and posters.
We want art related to the theme of Pride, with big clear lines so that it prints well on the shirts.
This means that it should look good in Black and White, as that’s how it will be printed.
I know this is unfortunate and limits the ability to use the rainbow, but this is just how it is.
Submissions should be e-mailed in electronic format to: icsf.picoconsofa@gmail.com by November 11th.
The entry judged to be the best will appear on our official publicity material but we may also use other entries in our magazine, Wyrmtongue.
The person submitting the artwork that is judged to be the best will receive a free convention T-shirt.

Last year's winner:

Picocon 36 logo

We would like the art to be in a vector-graphic format in the ideal case (though we can convert it if the lines are reasonably clean).
We will absolutely accept submissions which are completely unrelated to the theme, though they will have a noticeably lower chance of winning (but we might still use them in later years).
The donor affirms that they are the holder of the copyright on the stated work, or that they have permission from the copyright holder granting them the ability to consent to this agreement.
The copyright on the work remains with the copyright holder and is not transferred to the society.
The donor grants to the society permission in perpetuity to use the artwork in any way the society sees fit, including reproduction for the purposes of public display or sale.
This agreement in no way restricts the ability of the copyright holder or other parties with permission from the copyright holder to reproduce or license the reproduction of the piece in any way.
Good luck, and have fun getting creative!