Picocon 37 — ‘Pride’ 22nd February 2020

Picocon 37 will be held on Saturday 22nd February 2020, in Imperial College's Blackett Building.

What is Picocon?

Picocon is the annual Science Fiction & Fantasy convention run by the Imperial College Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, ICSF. It usually takes place on a Saturday in February, in Imperial College's Blackett Building. We try not to clash with other conventions around the same time.

It is a small (hence the name), affordable and convenient convention for students and fans in or near London. Registration opens at 10am, with the first scheduled events kicking off at around 10:30. The schedule concludes in the evening.

At a Picocon you will encounter:

Picocon 37 logo

Guests of Honour

Speaking at Picocon 37 this year will be: