Picocon 38 - <automata> 20th February 2017

Picocon 38 will be held on Saturday 20th February 2021, online.

What is Picocon?

Picocon is the annual Science Fiction & Fantasy convention run by the Imperial College Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, ICSF. It usually takes place on a Saturday in February, in Imperial College's Student Union. This year it will be taking place online. We try not to clash with other conventions around the same time.

It is a small (hence the name), affordable and convenient convention for students and fans in or near London. Events begin at around 11:00. The schedule concludes in the evening.

At the online Picocon you will encounter:

Picocon 38 logo

Guests of Honour

Speaking at Picocon 34 this year will be:


11:00-14:00 Fun and Games
14:30-15:30 Guest Talk 1
Jeff Somers
15:30-16:00 Guest Talk 2
Dan Moren
16:15-17:00 Charity Events
17:00-17:45 Guest Talk 3
SJ Kincaid
18:00-18:45 Guest Talk 4
Brian David Johnson
20:00-21:00 Panel
21:00-23:00 Pub Quiz


The event is free this year, and all are welcome!

Links to access Picocon

The event will be streamed on the streaming platform Crowdcast, in combination with the Picocon Discord Server for our other games & the pub quiz.

Crowdcast link: http://bit.ly/Picocon38
Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/HFvfBS7hB8
You can sign up for both the Crowdcast and Discord now!

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Ibraheem Wazir, the Picocon Sofa (comfier than a chair), at icsf.picoconsofa@gmail.com.

Our mail address is the following:

Student Activities Centre
Imperial College Students' Union
Beit Quad
Prince Consort Road