Iron Man - now thats a real superhero

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Posted by Bushbaby (5th May 2008, 23:42)

There's a superhero for everybody. People who say they don't like comic books or comic book movies just haven't found their superhero yet.

Superman is for people who believe in and admire absolute moral goodness. Idealists.

Batman is for psychologists, and other people who understand the concept of the Mask of Sanity. Bruce Wayne actually takes his "mask" off to become Batman, and puts it back on again to pretend he's Bruce Wayne.

The Hulk is for people with behavioural disorders or bipolar manic depression.

The Silver Surfer is for philosophers, hippies and general pacifists.

Spider-man is for geeks working minimum wage, who will probably never move out of their parents basement.

But Iron Man... Iron Man is for people who appreciate and believe in the concept of genius. He is that wealthy and has that lifestyle because he is a genius, pure and simple. When driven by necessity he can create something truly amazing out of scrap metal and a laptop, whereas others simply can't.

(one day Peter Jones will watch as they scrape me off the ceiling of the Dragon's Den, after I demonstrate my amazing new rocket boots).

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