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Posted by Dan (27th Jul 2007, 20:30)

Well, it may bear little resemblance to the 80's film, but this is a good film to watch if you like the idea of 30ft robots beating the daylights out of each other (and puny humans) in photorealistic CGI.

There are several nice pieces of trivia for the fan to spot, like the logo and motto on the deceptocon police car - "to punish and enslave" and the fact that the small deceptocon is now a CD player, instead of a tape player.

All in all, a good, fun film if with considerably less cheese than its predecesor, although some of the dialoge will make you cringe.

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 Sulkyblue ( 30th Jul 2007, 11:16, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

My favourite was the new Bumblebee kicking the old Bumblebee ;)

I enjoyed all of the film except when they tried to introduce plot. I just didn't care and wanted to see more of the robots fighting each other and the US military. Just the coolest thing I've seen in ages, you must see it on the big screen.

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