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Posted by Dan (29th Jun 2006, 12:10)

First things first. This book is a crystalised holywood brain-free blockbuster, a la the core. It reads like an action thriller, with a frantic pace.

The basic premise. 7 Alien races hold a gladiatorial contest every 1000 years. They also decided to include the other sentient race (Humanity) 2000 years ago. However, since humanity is not yet advanced enough, the human entrant is chosen by an 8th alien race (who adjudicate) and kidnapped. This millenium, the contest is being held in the US library of congress (Why not?).

Ensuing fights, alien monsters, explosions and the men in black.

Great fun if you dont mind the scientific part of your brain trying to escape.

Written by an australian author, Mathew Reilly. He has also written "Temple", "Ice Station", "Area 7", "Scarecrow" and "7 Ancient Wonders". The remarkable thing is that the pace of the books continues to increase, from merely frantic in contest, to hell-for-leather in Area 7. And then, it gets even faster!

Great books for long journeys where you want an entertaining read that doesn't tax your brain to much.

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- Reilly, Matthew

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