Mortal Engines

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Posted by Dan (10th Apr 2006, 11:41)

The first book in a quartet that has recently been completed, this sci-fi story is set in a far future, post appocalyptic world, in which cities have been forced to roam the world in search of resources to survive. Due to the ruling philosophy of "Municiple Darwinism", it is literaly a City-eat-City world. Against this background, the story revolves around a young, apprentice historian in the city of London called Tom Natsworthy, who is dragged away from his sheltered life in the guild of historians by circumstances and cast out onto the open ground of the "Great Hunting Ground", accompanied by a female assasin and a "stalker" or resurected man called Shrike. Tom's attempts to survive lead to him being caught up in a web of intrigue, surrounding ancient technology, a thirst for power and an audacious plot to take over the world, and the conclusion is as action packed as a blockbuster movie.

The series as a whole is Mortal Engines Predators Gold Infernal Devices A Darkling Plain

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 Drama John ( 22nd Dec 2006, 17:49, Rank: Headcrab )  reply

This is truely awsome. To be recomended.

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