Xenosaga II (PS2)

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Posted by Dan (22nd Mar 2006, 20:31)

A relatively old game, which takes the form of an interactive story, in the manner of Final Fantasy. The style is anime sci-fi, with the staples of large mecha, dramatic space battles, and weapons grade androids. The game is the second in the series, and though I have not played the first game, it helpfuly includes a seperate disc which contains the first game in a condensed form, rendered by the console. -As a warning, this does last 5 hours.- The gameplay is linear in an overall sense, with a predetermined plot unfolding through a very large number of visually impressive cutscenes. However, there are large environments, with interiors to scale, containing a large number of NPC, who vary their responses depending on which member of your party they are talking to. There are no random battles, with all enemies clearly indicated in the world screen. This enables the type of enemy to be anticipated, and eliminates leveling up. The combat system is simple to grasp, with a large variety of subtleties to be explored.

Overall, the game is easy to pick up, and provides an excellent way of wasting a few hours on a wet weekend. Players should not expect the game to be a true RPG, it is closer to an interactive anime series, but is still good fun.

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