Runts of 61 Cygni C

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Posted by Rebecca McKinlay (3rd Mar 2006, 16:25)

Well, where do I start? Personally I think this book is excellent. It provides me with great comfort. I have recently started writing again, and since reading this work I find myself assured that nothing I could ever write, even if I was to sink into the realms of furvert vore porn, COULD EVER BE THIS BAD!!!. You could eat a dictionary and SHIT a better book. I would recommend reading this book just for the shear WTF?! value. Whether it's the crude attempts at setting creation, the mono-dimensional characters or even the so-called "science", there's something here for everyone. Spaceships coated in frictionless lunar gold which allow them to travel at the speed of light, "characters" that measure each other as a form of sexual foreplay... If you really want more, fish it out of the drawer of shame and give it a read.

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read biography for - Cristina

 Cristina ( 3rd Mar 2006, 16:51, Rank: Jhereg )  reply

Surprised? We bought it because the guys in Fantasy Centre told us that it was always used in "Turkey Readings" (?), which are just readings of the worst books ever written, and then even worse.

read biography for - Rebecca McKinlay

 Rebecca McKinlay ( 7th Mar 2006, 12:33, Rank: Headcrab )  reply

Yes, that's why I read it. I wanted to see exactly how far the perversion of the English language could be pushed in the name of fiction.

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