Underworld : Evolution

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Posted by Richard (25th Jan 2006, 00:11)

This could well have been titles Underworld : Aftermath - thats really what it felt like. Set pretty much right after the first film ends and dealing with the shit that hit the fan at that point.

So to start I'm going to indulge myself and explain where I'm coing from. I really quite liked Underworld, so much so that i dragged myself across town to a slightly out of my way cinema to see one of the very limited number of showings of the sequal in a pretty deserted cinema. So if you didnt like the first im afraid that you probably need to stop reading now as the rest of this review is only going to be of marginal interest and the film itself even less.

I would imagine that on its own the film dosent really make much sense, so if you havent seen the first then do so before seeing the second. There is a slight attmept to recap what went on but its a bit minimal; and as I thought one of the strengths of the first was its more complex than average plot (for a cheesy vampire flick).

So how does this film compare:

Still -> Vampires, Warewolves, Kate B in a Plastic outfit looking cute and moody, dark locations, gothic ambience, guns, swords, explosions, jumping gracefully off things.

More -> Gore(lots more gore), blood (the drinking and spilling therof), pretty gratuitous violence, sex (lots of zips), helicopters, men in black style enforcers, Derek Jacobi???, 12th centuary vampires looking suspiciously like elves in LOTR.

Less -> Fancy parties, comprehensible plot, world consitency, ambigious loyalties, character.

So that dosent sound very positive, but after all that it was a reasonably well done action/vampire movie, sill better IMO than any of the Blade films (big woop), but definitly less going on upstairs than the first.

*******SPOILERS *************

Ok youve been warned. The bits of the film i liked were; the ship whihc just radiated dark moodiness, Derek Jakobi (how the hell did he end up in this film)he was predicatbly good but tragically underused, and the flashback to the 1200s where the armour Viktors crew were wering really did harck back to the elven armour in the LOTR. The Corvinus story (obviously standard vampire myth) was woreked well, that and the connection with Selen's family were easily up to the standard of the first.

The bits of the film i found i didn't like so much were; The (repeat from the first) unremarkable performance from Michael who sorrt of mooched about in the background getting randomly beaten up. The lack of ambiguity of Markus, who seemed to be a classic monster rather than anything remotly related to what went on in the first film. The sex ... which was overdone and unnecessarily long(a la the matrix revolutions) and totally undid the moody vampire killing to stay alive ambiance. And finally the totally unexplained nature of Alexander, what was he agian? what did he do? how did that make her better?

Overall on balance i think slightly down on the previous installment but if you enjoyed that one then you will probaly like this one as well.

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