C.J. Cherryh - Wave Without a Shore

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Posted by Sulkyblue (11th Oct 2005, 17:23)

At the heart of this book is a fascinating philosophical concept and how this concept can be taken to an extreme to form a political system. For the residents of this planet reality is based on what they want to believe and your position in society is determined by what you chose to have in your reality. The book investigates what happens when two rival thinkers collide - one an artist, one a politician and how their realities interact. It's an interesting concept, but makes for a rather heavy going read. I also didn't find Cherryh's writing style to be the most fluid and effortless and was not 100% convinced the plot and philosophy stayed consistant. However this is a good example of using sf to explore concept and is an interesting book.

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- Wave Without A Shore

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- Cherryh, C J

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