Jack McDevitt - Chindi

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Posted by Sulkyblue (11th Oct 2005, 17:22)

I had a great time reading this book, it was amazingly difficult to put down and caused me to be late for work and lose sleep on more than one occasion. It's much more horror/thriller novel than science fiction, I'd maybe even push it so far as to say the science fiction was quite poor - unimaginative aliens and slightly confused technology levels and political structures. However the thriller aspects of it were very well structured making it a great read and kept me on my toes. There may have been one too many twists in the last phase of the story, it was just beginning to get a bit "oh another potential disaster" when it finally concluded, although that could have had something to do with me reading 300 pages in 2 days.

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- Chindi

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- Mcdevitt, Jack

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