Juliet E. McKenna - Aldebreshin Compass 3: Western Shore

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Posted by Sulkyblue (11th Oct 2005, 17:21)

I found this book a reasonably enjoyable read but was at the same time quite disappointed with the quality and plot. I had a distinct sense of deja vu throughout the entire story feeling it was largely just the same story as book two with slightly different characters and setting. The style also became a bit grating as we continually dropped out of narative to hear the lead character's thoughts - most of which were either uninterestingly whiny or just blatantly obvious. I would actually prefer a bit more of the politics of the region and a bit less of the sword and sorcery - particularly if it's just gonna be the same thing each book in a different wrapping. An enjoyable read, but hopefully the final book in the series will be a bit different.

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- Mckenna, Juliet E

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- Mckenna, Juliet E

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