The Island

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Posted by Sulkyblue (23rd Aug 2005, 13:47)

I was nervous of the "Directed by Michael Bay (Pearl Harbour)" label on this film but was happily surprised at not only how much I enjoyed this film, but how good it was. The balance of the film is mostly very well done with a fun balance between action, character development, science fiction and humour. If he cut about 5 minutes of helicopter shots and running then the balance would be near perfect! The acting from the two leads is particularly good with them managing to convey the childlike qualities of the characters very well, not so sure about McGregor's american accent, but I'll forgive it. The plot did verge rather close to silly at some times (most inept black ops unit ever and indestructable characters) and the final act felt a bit out of place as the film already seemed to have finished, but they're minor niggles. I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.

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 John Kirk ( 25th Aug 2005, 02:47, Rank: Patrician )  reply

On balance, I'd say that it was "ok". The story held my attention, and kept moving at a reasonable pace. On the other hand, there were some massive plotholes, and I found the "set pieces" tedious. Personally, I think that Bujold's "Miles Vorkosigan" novels offer the best insight into a world that has the technology to create clones and genetically engineered babies.

More detailed comments (with spoilers) over at my LJ: ( But I do certainly agree with Lorna's comments about the incompetent security unit and the invulnerable protagonists.

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