Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Posted by Siberman (30th Jul 2005, 21:10)

The insanity is strong with this one!

This is an utterly bizarre film! It really is worth watching, and fairly true to the book, although it is spoiled somewhat by the extra-sugary ending (everyone knows that the best chocolate is the stuff with a low sugar content) that was completely out of place and out of character.

There were many good touches and Johnny Depp was very random, although very obviously from the outset he was playing a 'disturbed' character (childhood neuroses and flashbacks etc). Like the book, there was sufficient darkness to satisfy the evilness inherent in the system.

Unfortunatley for the film, I could not help but make comparisons to teh Futurama episode 'Fry and the Slurm Factory' (end of season 1), which probably had the better ending.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable film, with much to appreciate, until the final 10 minutes, which, as previously mentioned, was Hollywood drivel.

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 Dan ( 8th Apr 2006, 19:08, Rank: Cylon Centurion )  reply

I must say, the addition of the "Willy Wonka's Father relationship with Willy Wonka" storyline was, in my opinion, the worst problem with the film (Thats not to say that it is a large problem, merely the biggest in the film). I personally prefered the original with its greater degree of mystery about what happened before and after the visit to the factory.

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