Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith

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Posted by Sulkyblue (23rd May 2005, 14:58)

I thought this was a great Star Wars film, it had humour, action, adventure, intrigue, great special effects, interesting fights and terrible terrible dialogue! I would ordinarily add poor acting to the list, but I honestly think they were just crippled by the awful dialogue they were landed with. The film was also weakened by the plot it had to follow, ie ending on death, destruction and doom and having to flip Anakin from hero to villain. I thought that the set up for this was reasonably good (the 'excuse' involving Padme was plausable) but the actual scene with Mace and Palpatine didn't quite work for me. The star of the film however was obvious R2D2 - he flies, he catches, he shoots, he sets things on fire!

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read biography for - armadillo

 armadillo ( 24th May 2005, 08:15, Rank: Peacekeeper )  reply

It seemed to me to be a film of two parts: the first half was slow, dull, lame, boring and poo; once things started actually happening it got much better.

Oh, and there was an insufficiency of Wookiee

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 gaspode ( 30th May 2005, 21:20, Rank: Killer Rabbit )  reply

I think this sums up some of the objections to the movie: (

read biography for - Sulkyblue

 Sulkyblue ( 31st May 2005, 10:21, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

Absolutely perfect!

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 Ben ( 15th Feb 2006, 02:04, Rank: Red Shirt )  reply

"the 'excuse' involving Padme was plausable"

You seem to have a problem with your brain being missing. I fail to see how you can think this. I really do.

I cannot encapsulate the enormity of this film's failings in one paltry comment...The concept that the plot had to follow - the fall of the hero, the victory of evil - is a classic one, and could have been handled so very much better than it was. The plot was terrible, the acting shocking, the dialogue appalling. I felt physically sickened by this vomitous excuse for a "dark" film. Humour? It would have been laughable if I wasn't too busy wrenching a bloodied axe from George Lucas' twitching, mutilated corpse. Intrigue? Was I waching the wrong film or something? Four-year olds are more cunning. Dark? It made My Little Pony look like A Game of Thrones...

Words fail me. I truly believe that the only way I can possibly come close to expressing my displeasure with this film is to just can't.

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