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Posted by Siberman (11th May 2005, 17:01)

I though I should post a review since it does look like there's only one person who's doing any reading/watching/whatever in this society, so having just seen it I thought I'd post my ramblings.

On a positive note I got to see the Star Wars ep III trailer on the big screen, which was cool, although not the Serenity one, which was disappointing.

the film: big is to space as bad is to this film - bit of an understatement.

I'm tempted to leave this review there, while I haven't been too harsh, but I suppose I should justify myself.

The casting was poor and unimaginitaive; none of the characters were particularly believable (with the exception of Marvin who, voiced by Alan Rickman, was just about the only good thing in the entire film). Mos Def (Ford) gave no indication that he was in anyway alien, or that the universe was a weird or wonderful place. Sam Rockwell was attempting a pathetic imitation of his 1970's counterpart, although with only one head, he failed.

Martin Freeman struggled valiantly with an appaling script (more insults about this later) but ultimately the whole thing reolved around him and Trillian trying to realise that they were meant for each other, allowing neither of their characters to develop in the way that they should have. This was also intensely painful and badly done. None of the cast even attempted to interact with one another, or indeed, to act in general.

Enough about the cast: the script/plot. It is inconceivable that with a radio series, a trilogy of five books and a tv series to draw upon, all of which were immensely successful, that anyone could fail to create a film incorporating any of Douglas Adams careful humour or sense of the bizzare. It is also Inconceivable that with the current technology and vast sums of money available, that the effects and costumes, could be worse than those the 1970's BBC tv series had, yet that is what the producers and director of this film acheived.

From a promising beginning with the dolphin song the film quickly degenerated into a slow drudge, with hollywood executives having carefully wrung every last drop of wit out of the film before we got to see it: editing Adams' set piece gags so that all humour was lost and the characters could have been made of carboard; replacing visual jokes with cheap slapstick 'comedy' and inserting random subplots in order to inject a bit of 'action' into the film (which I imagine they thought would have got boring othewise).

can I find anything positive to say? Not really: Even Alan Rickman couldn't redeem this rubbish, nor could the cameo of Simon Jones (Arthur Dent in all other audio/visual renderings) bring a smile to anyone's face (the fans who got the point would already have gnawed their arms and legs off). OK, as I've said, the dolphin song was cool. That and seeing the the star wars trailer.

My suggestion: if you do go and see it, leave after the first 5 minutes and you might walk away happy. Otherwise it is a truly awful film with no redeeming features. Seriously - Bad Taste is a better film.

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read biography for - karne

 karne ( 11th May 2005, 18:52, Rank: GSV )  reply

#so long and thanks for all the fish; #so sad that it should come to this..

Indeed, I found the film dissapointing, but then I wasn't expecting very much so managed to enjoy as much of it as i could.

On the flip side, many non SF-fans i've spoken to really liked it. shrug - I guess it wasn't aimed at us.

read biography for - karne

 karne ( 5th Sep 2005, 09:48, Rank: GSV )  reply

Morning Richard, I'm afraid the system is set to automaticallt name anyone not logged in as a random coward. If you read Slashdot, you'll know that's a reference ]:=8)

If I can ask, why don't you want an account?

read biography for - Dan

 Dan ( 8th Apr 2006, 19:14, Rank: Cylon Centurion )  reply

I think that this film was a bit loose with regard to both the books and the radio series, which meant that it lost some of the humour. Another problem with video and the HHGTTG, is the difficulty of adding the "notes from the guide", which make up a significant ammount of humour. I did enjoy looking for the references, and there were a few novel moments (the airlock).

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