Mary Doria Russell - Children of God

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Posted by Sulkyblue (21st Apr 2005, 12:41)

This is a very different book to The Sparrow and while it continues many of the superb aspects of the previous book it sadly (to me at least) falls short in overall quality. While The Sparrow was fundamentally a collection of character studies in a science fiction universe Children of God focusses much more on the universe itself and tells a more classic sf story of first contact gone wrong. Where it suffers is that the story telling and characters are on occasion somewhat forced to get to the point the authors wants to reach. Whilst I spent most of The Sparrow with a feeling of inevitability and sorrow I spent most of Children of God feeling annoyed and frustrated at the characters for being stupid and arrogant. The mistakes the characters make are far more obvious and unforgivable than those in The Sparrow and this made the story seem less real and more fictional which was a real shame. The bouncing timeline of the plot also feels more forced to me, particularly nearer then end when the narative suddenly jumps into the future.

For all those criticisms Children of God is still a superb book. I think it is a better book than it is a sequel: in comparison to The Sparrow it suffers, but in its own rights it is a fascinating story in a very well crafted universe.

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