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Posted by Sulkyblue (26th Mar 2005, 20:53)

So? What did people think?

Personally, I LOVED Christopher Ecclestone's Doctor, quirky and interesting without overdoing it. Rose I thought had potential and wasn't as horribly annoying as I'd feared she would be. However sadly I wasn't really inspired by the episode. I thought zombies (all be it plastic ones) was a rather dull choice for the opener. The relationships between Rose and her boyfriend and mother really didn't work at all and the opening focus on her life was a bit of a hodge-podge that didn't work either. The effects were rather naff in places, but then that's possibly a good thing. I look forward to a better written episode.

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read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 26th Mar 2005, 22:57, Rank: Jedi )  reply

I thought it was good, a proper doctor who :) the plastic people were unoriginal but at least it was continuity (the Autons). I didn't catch much of what the doctor and the overmind were saying in the lair, with all the noise: were they talking about the previous stories?

That was the first dr who i've ever seen on a first broadcast :D Saw this comment on a site - "Rose has now aired on UK television (including a sound problem which caused some bleed-in from BBC3; no, you weren't imagining it!" - guess that was the weird clapping/cheering near the beginning ;)

read biography for - John Kirk

 John Kirk ( 26th Mar 2005, 22:58, Rank: Patrician )  reply

I was impressed - I thought it was a strong start to the new series (series 27, according to DigiGuide!). And it seemed to strike a pretty good balance between being understandable for new viewers and being true to the previous episodes for existing fans. One or two bits were slightly iffy, but nothing major. E.g. the idea of a hereditary title being passed down through the generations makes sense as a way to account for different faces, and immortality is a sensible guess to explain the facts if you don't know about time travel, but it doesn't then make sense to say that the 9th Doctor has been active for the last 200 years if the 3rd Doctor was active in the 1960s. On the other hand, most conspiracy theories have gaping holes in their logic, so I'll let it slide :)

The special effects have obviously improved lately; still a bit ropey, but good enough for me. I used to read loads of the Terrance Dicks novelisations when I was in primary school, often before I'd seen the corresponding episodes; I thought that the Autons made impressive enemies in the books, and the TV version was a bit of a let-down afterwards. I used to play by swinging my arm up as I pulled my hand inside my coat sleeve, to pretend that I was an Auton with a gun hole where my hand ought to be - possibly more information than you needed to know about my misspent youth :)

Character-wise, it struck me a couple of years ago that the Doctor is pretty much the opposite of Starfleet - he basically got exiled from Gallifrey for breaking the Prime Directive, and he now makes a career out of interfering. It does seem like an interesting change for him to be this focussed though; he generally used to wander around at random, waiting for something interesting to happen. I don't know whether they'll follow-up on the war references in tonight's episode; probably fodder for a novel, if nothing else. (I haven't read any of the original novels, but I'm aware that there was a whole bunch of stuff about a massive Dalek war, and TARDIS-es that were self-aware and appeared to be human.)

Cast-wise, I thought that the two leads did a decent job. There were certainly various bits that made me laugh, so it's not relentlessly serious. Nice interplay between them, too. This Doctor seems to be a bit like the 4th (Tom Baker), in terms of being more alien than human, and this companion seems like she can pull her weight better than some of her predecessors.

There's also quite a novelty value in seeing locations that I recognise appearing in the episode. (There have almost certainly been episodes set in London before, but I wasn't living here at the time.) The nearest I've come before is when I went to Cheddar Gorge on a school trip when I was about 10, and they told us that "The Caves of Androzani" (last storyline with the 5th Doctor) had just been filmed there, which impressed all the boys in the class.

So, anyway, I'll certainly be watching it next week.

Meanwhile, a couple of amusing webpages about the new series from the BBC...

Sylvestor McCoy reviews the first episode:
The Doctor also provided us with a marvellous new chat-up line: "It also travels through time."
Try that out on a Friday night and, my God, things will happen.

Welsh Minister mistaken for tree-like alien:
I know that some actors doze off while their make-up's done (especially if it will take ages), and I do think it would have been very funny if they hadn't realised in time, and had to talk to Paxman or whoever like that :)

read biography for - John Kirk

 John Kirk ( 26th Mar 2005, 23:07, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Hmm, synchronised commenting :)

Now you come to mention it, I did notice the odd clapping, and I initially thought that the Autons were mimicking human noises (inexpertly), then forgot about it :)

As for the war, the relevant dialogue was:
Dr - "Yes, that's my ship"
Alien screams
Dr - "That's not true, I should know, I was there. I fought in the war, it wasn't my fault."
Alien screams
Dr - "I couldn't save your world, I couldn't save any of them."

Then some stuff about the alien recognising the TARDIS as advanced tech, and being afraid of it. There was also the earlier reference to most of the Auton planets being destroyed, explaining why they came to Earth. I did like the idea that the Doctor wasn't just saying "Let's kick some alien butt", a la Independence Day.

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 26th Mar 2005, 23:11, Rank: Jedi )  reply

aha, thanks. Sounds like it's talking about something before the old auton episodes then... maybe.

read biography for - John Kirk

 John Kirk ( 26th Mar 2005, 23:20, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Hmm, that's an interesting take - I'd assumed it was a more recent event, with this incarnation of the Doctor. Then again, it could be last week for him, and 2000 years ago for them :)

read biography for - Siberman

 Siberman ( 27th Mar 2005, 13:11, Rank: Mentat )  reply

I liked it. He was good and she was ok.

I agree that the beginning was a mess, but the style improved as soon as he came on the scene. Now that they've set up with Rose I suspect it's all go from here.

i admit I was a little bit disappointed that it was only a 45 min story, I knew it would be but it felt a little rushed. there are some longer ones later in the series and they should be good :-)

read biography for - karne

 karne ( 29th Mar 2005, 10:46, Rank: GSV )  reply

killer wheely bins of DOOOOM, yay!

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 29th Mar 2005, 12:45, Rank: Jedi )  reply

( - the site... it's been updated since the episode ;)

read biography for - Richard

 Richard ( 29th Mar 2005, 16:57, Rank: Dust Puppy )  reply

i thoight it rocked and (incidentally) it got 10.5M viewers (~44.5% total audience)

45 mins seemed to go in secnods so it was obviously excellent. Really looking forward to next week. It was proporly random and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

I thought the tardis was superb, really looked alien, but ALSO reminded me a lot of the curly wrought iron work you get on old stations :]. So manged to look gothic, industrially and organic all at the same time. (there was also a hat stand there). The dr who website has a how they made it picture gallery.

I would have liked to see more interesting use of other plasic things coming to life.

read biography for - fruitfly

 fruitfly ( 31st Mar 2005, 11:03, Rank: Triffid )  reply

damn i somehow managed to miss it and did not get tot watch the recording we made at home either can anyone lend me a copy i can watch

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 31st Mar 2005, 19:29, Rank: Jedi )  reply

( - CBBC comments on the first episode. As many of these say it was scary, looks like they aimed it right ;)

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