John Courtenay Grimwood: The Arabesk Trilogy

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Posted by Sulkyblue (20th Feb 2005, 23:25)

Pashazade - I enjoyed this book a great deal once I finally got into it. I found the opening 1/3 or so rather slow to get going and difficult to keep track of, I'm not particularly a fan of the jumping back and forth in the timeline and found it rather too difficult to keep track of. However once it got going and I realised that I wasn't reading an sf novel, rather a mystery novel with sf bits, I found it very enjoyable and intriguing. A very interesting and enjoyable start to the series. Effendi - I think this is probably the weakest of the opening trilogy of this (apparently 9 part) series. There were two many plots trying to go on at the same time and hence some of them just didn't get enough time to develop, notably the murdered tourist bit. I found the continual promotions about as disruptive as the character did and vaguely wondered if he was going to be Grand Master of the Universe by the end. The story of the Colonel was a fascinating one however and I wish that more time had been spent on that rather than the other plot strands Felaheen - The third book is definately the most consistant of all three with the characters finally coming to accept who and what they are, even if the reader is still not 100% certain what that might be. The plot is by far the tightest and is well paced. I have to say I found the end very unsatisfying and mystifying. I failed to understand the motivations of a couple of the characters and thought that there were several contradictions, but this could be due to reading it at 2am due to inability to put it down. Oh, also the hardback version I had had a considerable number of spelling and grammar errors which was pretty bad form.

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- Arabesk 1: Pashazade
- Arabesk 2: Effendi
- Arabesk 3: Felaheen

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- Grimwood, Jon Courtenay

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