Isaac Asimov: The Caves of Steel

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Posted by Sulkyblue (3rd Nov 2004, 17:18)

I was really disappointed with this, I'd read it years ago and remembered not much of it beyond that it was quite fun. Sadly on re-reading it I found that it just couldn't compare to some of the other 'classic' sf I've been reading recently. My principle problem was the merging of the mystery novel and an sf story. The idea of the city life of people of the future, colonisation, robots and the future of the race was very interesting, but I just didn't like the balance. The quality of the mystery story was poor, but seemed to be given the primary focus, while the concept stuff was intersting, but treated as the background to the mystery. There were two too many 'I know who did it!' chapters, the final resolve relied upon the hero knowing something that hadn't been mentioned previously and the whole thing just kind of fizzled out. Really disappointing.

Maybe I'm being overly harsh because it just doesn't really compare with things like Fahrenheit 451 and Childhood's End. Anyone wanna offer other thoughts?

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- R Daneel 1: The Caves Of Steel

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- Asimov, Isaac

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