Terry Pratchett - Going Postal

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Posted by Sulkyblue (26th Oct 2004, 12:59)

While this book is still following Pratchett's recent return to form, I was somewhat disappointed. Throughout the whole thing I had the distinct sense I'd already read the story, and I had, in The Truth 4 books back in the series. Substituting the post office in for the newspaper and you've got the same basic plot. One man building the [post office/newspaper] up against impossible odds, ridicule etc etc.

Add to this the fact that it just doesn't feel very Discworld. There are very few things about the Discworld post office that are different to our own post offices, there's no discworld sparkle to it. I think Pratchett made a huge mistake in this book, it would have been much more interesting to tell the story of the clacks towers instead, with their parallels to email giving the opportunity for discworld magic.

All that said, it's Pratchett, so it's still fun and the stamps are great. Oh! And it's got chapters!!!

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- Discworld 29: Going Postal

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- Pratchett, Terry

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