Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451

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Posted by Sulkyblue (24th Oct 2004, 14:49)

I suspect this is one of those books that you're not meant to like and it certainly worked. I found it very difficult to get into the style of the writing. The disjointedness of the writing and the characters just kept reminding me I was reading a book. I couldn't get imersed in the world or the heads of the characters.

That said, there were some sections so beautifully real and powerful that they just stay in your brain, for me it's the woman staying in her house and the vision of a group of itinerant professors remembering books and passing them on by word of mouth. The sense of hope at the end of this book is strong, some things just cannot and will not turn to ash.

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 John Kirk ( 24th Oct 2004, 15:54, Rank: Patrician )  reply

I'm not sure I'd agree that you're not supposed to like it - I thought it was a good book, even if I wouldn't want to live in that world. Admittedly, it's been a long time since I read it, but it was one of the set texts for my English Lit GCSE, so I went through it in some detail. The phrase that's stuck in my mind ever since is "A glass of milk. An apple. A pear.", as a way to evoke an idyllic (rose-tinted glasses?) memory.

I remember watching the old film version of it, but it didn't do a good job of matching the descriptions in the book. In particular, the book talked about the "home cinema" idea, of having entire walls of the room taken up by TV screens, whereas the film just had someone watching a portable TV. (Understandable, given the limited technology of the time.) I assume that the new film will do it better, although there's some irony in having people go to the cinema to watch it (i.e. staring at a big screen that takes up a wall, rather than reading a book).

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