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Posted by Sulkyblue (10th Oct 2004, 14:12)

Oh my word. I'd heard about this film quite a long way in advance and was intrigued by a story of King Arthur without actual magic, just treating him as a king rather than as anything particularly 'special'. I thuoght it would be interesting, boy was I ever wrong. I'd assumed they'd replace the magic with something, so Merlin becoming a wise soothsayer type and tricking people rather than using magic. But there was just no soul there whatsoever leaving a central character who could have been absolutely anyone. In fact the film would have been better if it was just called "Miscellaneous Bloke" and you weren't left feeling they'd wasted the name and concepts.

So with a doomed concept, all that's left is the execution. Most of the cast and crew seemed to have decided it's just not worth the effort. Crime 1 was committed by the casting agent - withut any magic Arthur has to rely on charisma to lead which Clive Owen's Arthur has absolutely none of. The rest of the cast blur between one dark haired bearded bloke and another, the only way I could tell any of them apart was that Lancelot was desperately trying to find the Shakespear in a script that was more suited to 'movie of the day'. Oh and Ray Winstone. Add to these crimes some absolutely laughable accents, a confused plot, dumbest enemies known to man, ridiculous costumes, debatable history and some truly poor fight choreography and you have a film that's a complete waste of the name and the time you spend watching it. Watch Monty Python 's Holy Grail again instead.

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