Iain Banks: The Crow Road

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Posted by Sulkyblue (12th Sep 2004, 20:51)

I love reading Banks, his books are exceptionally readable with well developed characters, engaging dialogue and a very natural balance of humour and angst. The Crow Road is no exception to this and was a difficult book to put down. For all this however the book has the same 'issue' that many other recent books have - there's very little plot. The structure of the book is very similar to The Business in that the first 3/4 of the book is just about the characters and setting and then the plot is introduced almost as an afterthought. The early book does have hints and scene setters for the final plot resolve, but they're tucked away almost to the point that you don't notice them. Banks also heavily uses flashback in this book and it can be tricky to work out when/where and who you are, however this is probably intentional and gives an interesting illustration of how things change and how they stay the same.

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- The Crow Road

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- Banks, Iain
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- Banks, Iain

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