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Posted by Sulkyblue (12th Sep 2004, 20:48)

The good - some great humour, a very likable central character, a couple of intereting side-kicks, some nice stunts/effects/set pieces. But there just weren't enough of the good things. The side-characters for example - the other 2 'freaks' were interesting, but they're woefully underused, while the 'normals' who are given more screen time really aren't of any interest whatsoever (too many bloody fbi agents all looking the same), obviously something the film makers were aware of thanks to the extra micro-scene in the credits reminding you of the existance of one of them. If a film is about 'freaks' and the characters are as well developed and interesting as these, why on earth dilute it with mundanes? This is what annoys me most about this film, it's not issues with plotting or scripting (I expect some cheesiness and fudging in a film like that) what I can't forgive is being shown interesting characters and then being forced to watch blandness. For Hellboy 2 - more Hellboy, Abe and Liz, less "we at the fbi do not have a sense of humour" blandness please.

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