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Posted by Sulkyblue (20th Mar 2004, 11:53)

The world and history that Tolkien has created are absolutely amazing. It really is like reading a history rather than a fiction. However I personally don't like his writing style much. I find the books extremely hard going, he waffles on about somethings and skims over others. I've been nagged about not reading these books for years, I'm glad I've read them, but am not sure that I've got anything out of them that I couldn't get from the films and various guides.

#1 - Fellowship of the Ring
It took me a long time to finally get round to reading this, but I've made it. It goes extremely slowly sometimes and really did require a lot of effort to get through. However the story and the world are absolutely amazing..

#2 - The Two Towers
This book is really 2 books. The first half I found really interesting, following the large battles and larger scale concerns with the peoples of Middle Earth. The second half deals exclusively with Frodo and Sam taking the ring to Mount Doom and their adventures along the way. Much as I love the hobbits, their sections really do drag..

#3 - Return of the King
imho the best of the 3 books. ROTK moves much faster than the other books and there are less 'filler scenes'. If anything the book moves a little too fast and everything comes to a slightly abrupt halt leaving a large amount of the book as more of an epilogue. I actually found the later chapters quite sad as the fellowship broke up, but maybe that was just the effect of having spent the last month and a half reading the damn series.

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 Siberman ( 20th May 2004, 20:39, Rank: Mentat )  reply

The two towers is probably my favourite part of the trilogy, the ents are great.

While fellowship does start slowly, moves a bit and then stops in rivendell for a while, the whole trilogy seems to accelerate from then on, through Moria, until almost without realising it Frodo has reached Mordor and the end of the road.

I think that the last few chapters are meant to be quite sorrowful; the shire has been marred, although healing is available, and the same is true of frodo. the whole of the end of the story, from aragorn's coronation onwards, is very reflective, aware that the old world is passing: the ents and teh elves are going, the wizards and the rings are no more.

However, if the end leaves you thinking "yes, but what happened to everyone else?" after all, Legolas departs by wandering of to fangorn forrest with Gimli, then the first couple of appendices are well worth reading. While the later ones are about the languages, the frst couple are expansions of teh story, with some stuff about how aragorn and arwen met and what happened after to the remainder of teh fellowship. While they are not, for the most part, in narrative form, they are very readable.

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